Feb 28, 2010

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Bridal Shoot photo 1


Bridal Shoot photo 2     Bridal Shoot photo 3


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Each guest had their name on a Hollywood Star

Here is my Hollywood Walk of Fame Star!!! I had a star made for each guest with their name on it. It was a lot of fun taking our photos with our stars.


Bridal Shower Old Hollywood Style photo 1

When the guest arrived I had each of them have their photo taken with Marilyn Monroe. When I sent the thank you cards I had their photo included.


Bridal Shower Old Hollywood Style photo 2

My bridal shower was held at Eleven Spa (difficult place to work with. I had a lot of problems with the staff)

Anyways, I made passports for each girl and we had stations set up for station, nail station, cocktail station, and so on. Once they got  stamp at each station they receive a gift. It was candy scent lotion and scrub. I made the passports on the computer.


Bridal Shower Old Hollywood Style photo 3 Bridal Shower Old Hollywood Style photo 4

The Food!! Yummy!

Bridal Shower Old Hollywood Style photo 5 Bridal Shower Old Hollywood Style photo 6


Bridal Shower Old Hollywood Style photo 7

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Black: A conservative choice, black complements almost any color, especially lighter hues. Dignified and mysterious, black denotes sexiness and sophistication with a modern twist. Black is classic, never trendy, alluding to a modern bride. As an opulent choice, black is timelessly elegant. 


Red: A passionate, romantic choice, red is impulsive and outgoing. Depicted as zealous and ambitious, red symbolizes love and rage. Whether it denotes joy, celebration, happiness or prosperity, red elicits a dramatic response from both sides of the emotional spectrum. Red lovers tend to be restless and optimistic and go along with people with uncomplicated natures. A powerful selection, red is sure to represent a fiery hostess with 'look at me' flair.

White: Symbolic of purity and innocence, white has strong connotations of youth and perfection. White aficionados seek excellence and enlightenment, as simplicity and recognition are constant ventures. White is a glorious hue (or lack thereof) that denotes a clean palette or fresh start for those who seek serenity and peace.


I guess my wedding colors say that I am a passionate impulsive mysterious fiery hostess who wants a little serenity and peace!!!

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I'm a Perfectionist.


Have you attended so many weddings you've become a self-proclaimed expert? Do you sample five ice-cream flavors before you order your cone? You're a Perfectionist. You need to see a lot of choices and might find it hard to make decisions. Ideally, you should have at least six months of planning time, preferably a year. Keep notes along the way, or you're liable to forget which sauce you liked best at the first tasting. Though there will be bumps in the road, in the end you're likely to get the wedding you really want, so try not to focus on the negative. In the initial stages, let the ideas flow freely without worrying about how they fit together. Pick out photos of what you like, not what you abhor. Then listen to the professionals you hire to execute your wedding. If you're told that peonies can't be had in September, don't waste your time second-guessing your florist. Everyone truly does have your best interests at heart. Remember that you'll have to make the inevitable compromise. And try to have some fun. The Perfectionist's worst enemy is stress. Go on walks, drink lots of water, and don't forget to exercise. Remember, we're talking about just one day of your life.



I can't believe how right on this quiz is. I am a complete perfectionist and it drives everyone crazy, but I am happy to say that I have let go a little bit and hired a Wedding Planner to help me from going crazy. 8-D

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I was playing on the computer and that when I decided what I wanted my Save the Date to have a movie poster look to them. You can see the what I created below. After I printed out the picture I backed it with hot pink card stock and a magnet. Everyone went crazy over them......

DIY Save the Dates photo 1

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We had our photo shoot at 2 locations the Artisan Las Vegas and the Neon Graveyard. They came out perfect!!!Our Engagement Photos photo 1Our Engagement Photos photo 2

Our Engagement Photos photo 3