Sep 18, 2010

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all images courtesy of Captured Moments - Photography by Dawson



Married Pro photo 1 

Married Pro photo 2 

Married Pro photo 3 Married Pro photo 4 Married Pro photo 5 Married Pro photo 6





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I wish I could be all happy and say it was the best day ever and magical and romantical and all that, but a lot went wrong.  It's a good day because now we're hitched, but the day was rough.  Our venue was horrible! 

We found out on our wedding day that our venue was staffed by children!

Wedding Recap photo 1


The bartender was late.  Cocktail hour was supposed to be open bar but it wasn't.  Beer was double what we were quoted.  I felt bad for our guests.  A lot left right after dinner.  and there was no wine available even though we specifically asked the venue owner the week before.

The DJ our venue had was an idiot.  He played the wrong music for my bridal processional, has no idea who Sinatra is, played all my requested music to dance to while we were taking our pro pics, played depressing break up songs while we were dancing.  He mispronounced our last name for our grand entrance.  And he spoke really quietly and unenthusiastically so nobody heard him and everything was disorganized.  Some people didn’t see us do the cake and my parents almost missed the garter and bouquet toss.  He messed up our processional, our grand entrance, ruined the end of our first dance, nobody heard him announce the cake cutting.  

Our coordinator didn't put up some of our decorations because she didn't like the color, so there's about $100 wasted.  She kept me and DH on time, but our guests weren't aware of what was going on.  I'm not sure if she was worth the investment.

The venue’s child staff was serving cake while we were doing the dollar dance.  They didn’t give any to our guests, but they ate it.  They also ate our food and danced with us.  They also were playing soccer and skateboarding.  And everyone who works at that venue dresses in jeans and t-shirts.  I decided to drink.  I had no idea that the venue would be providing wedding crashers.

I confronted the venue owner at the end of the night and she was really mean, snapped, and smirked at me and blamed us for her people's incompetence.  I started crying and walked out with my husband.  SIL got her to waive the balance and she wrote us a letter.

It hurts.  I worked so hard to have this beautiful fun celebration, but I put all my money and faith in the wrong venue.  Everybody says to just enjoy your day but, it's hard not to be stressed when you know so many things are going wrong.  

The Good

The rehearsal dinner was yummy and it was fun.  Later we were hanging out with some of our friends at the hotel. I went to bed at 1 AM and I woke up at 4:30 AM.  I could not go back to sleep!  I used a lot of clear eyes and had three cups of coffee.  I got my hair all fancy, my friend got her hair all fancy and we went back to the hotel.  The photographer came and got some shots of my friend gluing eyelashes to me and my cousin putting on my make up.  I was ready before everyone else and was just sitting there waiting.  FI was late for our First Look!  I was anxious. 

The First Look was the best part of my day.  I cried the night before.  I cried the morning of thinking of this moment.  I’m watering up a little now thinking of it.  But I did not cry when I saw my love the first time that day.  He hugged me and said I was beautiful.  His voice sounded so happy.  And we hugged.  It was nice.  Hands down, the best part of my day.  He later told me that he couldn’t talk for a moment.  J

Then the boys left.  And we sipped champagne.  I was poofed into the car.  And we headed to the venue.  I remember reading to hold my bouquet at my belly but everything that I studied and wanted to remember flew out of my head.  Going down the aisle I was waving around my bouquet like a torch.  I thought my fiance’s eyes were watering but he later told me it was really hot and there was sweat in his eyes.  We had our first kiss.  And the videographer was kinda standing in our way to go back down the aisle.  It was weird.  Dinner was tasty.  The toasts were sweet. It was nice seeing so many well wishers.  The guests who stuck around seemed to have fun.  Our photog rocked – he was all over the place taking photos.  My DIY flowers looked great.

What I’m taking away from this is that I have a wonderful, supportive husband, and a great group of friends and family.  I’m going to enjoy our married life and know that a wedding is just one day.  It wasn’t all that we hoped for, but it is what it is.  Right now it hurts to watch weddings on tv or read other girl's joyful recaps because I'm so dang jealous and a little bitter over our day.  I know mostly nobody's day is perfect, but still.  Maybe someday we can have a wedding part deux or something and have the fun romantical dreamy celebration we wanted.  


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We ordered 125 Hot Pink Roses and 60 Pink Mokara Orchids from Sam's Club online and we ordered 100 Verdi (bi color white and hot pink) Roses from Global Rose



Negatives - The Orchids look more purple than pink and Global Rose sent a bunch of light pink and white. Some of the roses from Global Rose had thorns while none of the roses from Sams had thorns.

The Timeline - 

They arrived Thursday Morning.  We trimmed down the stems and Friday we put together the bouquets.  The orchids come with water tubes attached to the stem so they weren't that parched.  By Saturday the roses from Sams opened up beautifully



and we put sparkle rocks at the bottom and a floating candle on top.  and we used regular tap water and it was fine.  there should have been 3 cylinders on the tables...not sure what happened with that... :/


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We are going to DIY our centerpieces and our invites


DIY photo 1 DIY photo 2


Invitation inspiration

DIY photo 3DIY photo 4


DIY photo 5

Table Numbers!

we picked up some frames from dollar tree.  I made it in publisher using clip art fonts - beautiful font, edwardian script, and adorable

DIY photo 6 DIY photo 7


Box of Bubbles!

Bridesmaid's Gift!


  • Tote from Hobby Lobby
  • Granola Bar
  • Tissue Pack
  • Bracelet that I made
  • Personalized Flask
  • Two mini Bottles of liquour
  • Tiny Mouth wash
  • Tide Pen
  • Make-up removing Face wipes


Program Basket! Photo Cardbox!


FI did the card box.  He loosely followed it.snicsknack directions

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save the date



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Bridesmaids photo 1

In the Oasis color from David's Bridal

I'm making them bracelets!  I hope they like it

Bridesmaids photo 2

They're going to walk down the aisle to a string version of Don't Stop Believing.  why?  because it's dorky, fun, and a nod to the wedding singer.  it's a fun song to sing obnoxiously loud with my friends