Dec 31, 2013

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This other makeup inspiration is very gorgeous:

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I never "believed" in long engagements. I always had in mind that you get engaged and you start planing your wedding within the next year. This is not the case for Nick and I.

The reason we will be having a long engagement is because of several reasons:

1. we do not have the financial support right now

2. Im applying to Medical school and theres a big chance i have to move out of state. So we are waiting to get my acceptance (1 more year) so we know were we will be living for the next few years and can start planning.

3. I now like the idea of long engagement because it gives me more time to plan and get everything to perfection.

I have been looking at dates (because im too excited to wait to start planning) and i have always wanted a winter wedding. I live in miami so it is hot 10 months of the year and i enjoy the occasional cold fronts we get in the winter time. I thought it would be a great idea to get married the date of our anniversary, December 6. Now, december 6, 1013 is a friday and december 6, 1014 is a saturday. I dont want to wait until 2014, and 2013 seems already so far away. So i am aiming to 2013. 

this is just an idea so the year can change (be sooner) and the date too.

I will keep you updated!

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I love this... Its from Etsy

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I love it so much! Nick did a great job choosing THE ring. He told me he did his research and saw soo manyrings and he was never satisfy until he saw this one. It is three stones princess cut and little diamonds on the sides.

The Engagement Ring photo 1The Engagement Ring photo 2

The Engagement Ring photo 3The Engagement Ring photo 4

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We have not set the wedding date yet. I LOVE the idea of a NYE wedding. New year, New beginning, New life, newly weds!!!! I think it is a great idea.

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Nick and I have been dating for over 6 years. We always joked about "when we live together..." "when we get married.." and so on. Sometimes Nick would bother me saying "who says were going to get married?" But I always knew that we would. 

Nick made dinner reservations for the night before our 6 year anniversary. It was a total surprise because I did not know where we were going. He took me to Scarpetta, an italian restaurant at the Fontainebleau Hotel Miami beach. We had always been saying that we wanted to try it out. That night he took his own bottle of wine "La Linda" it is a special wine because he calls me Linda. That night i was nervous that it might be THE night. In the middle of dinner he disappeared to the restroom (he took forever since he didnt find it) and I got really nervous that this might be the moment. He came back and nothing happened. Dinner was over and we went to the beach to walk and cuddle. It was already getting late and nothing happened soIi decided to relax and forget about it because he didnt proposed earlier. Around 3am (it was already our anniversary) he woke me up because i feel asleep laying down next to him looking at the stars. All of a sudden he tells me he has a little gift for me. He kneeled down and proposed. I started to cry. I honestly do not remember what he said since i was very excited and in shock. I remember that I just hugged him and said "are you serious?" and then after i said YESSSSS (of course)!!! 

12.06.09  I will never forget!!


Funny story:

1 month before we were at a wedding and lucky me i caught the flower bouquet!!! 

here is a pic:

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