Dec 30, 2009

BB Crafts Inc.
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
A mixed experience. Their decorating supplies are very competitively priced (which was why I ordered from them, despite the lack of online reviews) and they ship fast from California, but it's a matter of luck what happens with your order. For instance, I received one spool of ribbon that was the wrong shade of a particular color, one of the things I ordered went out of stock after I ordered it, and the rose petals that I received were not good quality (I had to trim them by hand). Customer service is non-existant - I emailed a number of times about the wrong ribbon color being sent, tried calling and leaving messages, but didn't get any response. At the same time, you may get lucky - a friend of mine ordered from this website, and her items all arived without incident. I would also say that besides the rose petals, everything else I received were of good quality, and definitely excellent value for what I paid. So, in summary, order from here if you're willing to take a bit of a risk (especially given the low prices)!
Services used: Favors & Gifts

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We had our wedding here. Incredibly gorgeous location with lots of different options for where to hold the ceremony and reception, as well as photography options. Service was impeccable and the staff are extremely professional and conscientious, going out of their way to try and accomodate all your needs, even the smallest details. Even though I was planning my wedding remotely (we don't live in LA), working with the Langham's Sales Department and Event Managers was a breeze, because they were extremely organized, and would always respond promptly and thoroughly to my emails and questions. In fact, this was the main reason why I decided to hold my wedding here - the Langham's responsiveness, and I never had reason to regret my choices. Even to the last minute, the Langham was doing its best to make my wedding as wonderful as it could be. Overall, I couldn't have asked for more from the Langham - it was a great experience!
Services used: Wedding Venue

{ Susie Chhuor Studios } Your Beauty Dream Team
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I booked Susie to do my hair and makeup for my wedding. It was a great experience - Susie is friendly, appproachable and professional. Despite the fact that I didn't have a trial session (which made it much more difficult for her, having to do my makeup/hair from scratch), she was able to translate my rather vague descriptions into a natural and light look that I really liked. Like others, I note that her rates are more affordable than other comparable high-end makeup artists, and her stellar work is certainly excellent value. She was also a very positive and reassuring presence on an otherwise stressful day!
Services used: Beauty & Health

Los Angeles Flower District
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
My girlfriend (she's practically a professional) DIY-ed my flowers, and we went shopping here the day before to get the flowers. A little tough navigating the area (too many options) and there is the $2 admission fee (wish I had taken one of the previous posters' suggestion for CFM) but the variety of flowers, and prices really can't be beat. I also suggest you walk around for a while before deciding what to buy. Different stores give different prices, but many sell the same type of flowerss, and some even have special types (e.g. sprayed flowers, especially bright colors) that may change your original plan. Go earlier in the morning for better pickings and no crowds; check the hours because some places only do wholesale at certain times/days. A really fun outing with the girls :) and your entire car smells fantastic when you're done!
Services used: Flowers