Jul 05, 2014

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Well, the March wedding didn't work out as planned and we had to push the date back again.  Now, here we are!  And the date is set for July 5, 2014.  So let's get to it!


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This is contingent on which location we choose, of course, but all in all it will basically be the same.  I like to keep things simple and clean so there definetly won't be much in this area.

So at the altar, I LOVE chandeliers! I haven't figured out how to work it or if I can even afford it but I really, really want a chandelier.

The first is from CheekyMar's wedding: GORGEOUS!!.......Sorry, I didnt tag the second one, GORGEOUS as well!!

I also like the simple decor in both of these photos, although I do prefer the draped fabric a little.

Ceremony Decor photo 1                       Ceremony Decor photo 2

Edited 6/8/11: I ordered a chandelier! It's a smaller version, but I got it off for $11.00! Let's hope the real thing looks just as nice!

In a perfect world my aisle would be lined much like this:

Ceremony Decor photo 3  Ceremony Decor photo 4


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I am such a perfectionist! So I haven't really decided whether I'm going to attempt to DIY the invitations or not. To buy, though, I really fell in love with these. They are from Davids Bridal and they aren't too bad on price @ 171.95 for 100. However, the inserts cost just as much as the invite..Are you kidding me?!?!

Anyway, here they are:

You re Invited photo 1

And just to make the decision even harder, this is what I would like to do if I DIY:

You re Invited photo 2

You re Invited photo 3

In all fairness, the first option is kind of a "nod" to the groom and his taste. The second, on the other hand, is more of the soft, romantic feel that I'm going for to develop my theme across the wedding.

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Unfortunately, the college I graduated from won't allow me to have a ceremony in their library. I'm a little heartbroken because I absolutely LOVED the space. So here are my options so far in my research..

Ceremony Site:

Option #1: The Center for Spirituality & Sustainability, Edwardsville, IL

Where photo 1

Where photo 2

I love it! The capacity is just right, but its a little on the high end at $450 for 3 hours plus 2 hour rehearsal. Still not too bad though. The biggest advantage is that I can have an evening, under the moon, ceremony in March without everyone being outside and (probably) freezing their kahonies off. =)


Option #2: The Historic Chapel of Wood River

The Historic Chapel features its original hard wood flooring, hand crafted wood pews and a beautiful stained glass window. The chapel has captured a moment in time making it the perfect setting for your special celebration of love.

Fees for Church Rental:  
Rental of church for one hour $125.00
Use of church for rehearsal $ 50.00

Where photo 3

This isn't a very good picture of the place, its actually very cute. The price is fantastic and location is great too. Unfortunately, the capacity is 50 people which is more like half the guest list so we would have to cut quite a few people. On the plus side of that, FI would rather have a smaller ceremony.


Decisions, Decisions....

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Christmas Eve 2010 he made me his "official" FI!!! We had planned to do our Christmas thing on Christmas Eve since some of his family would not be in town until Christmas day. He woke me up before the kids got up and we were just talking for awhile enjoying the quiet alone time. Then he just kinda sat up and said " I want to make this official" and then turned back around to me with an open ring box! I probably sat there for a full 3 seconds with a big goofy smile on my face before I told him YES! It will probably need to be sized, I got it on but its really snug. I love my ring!!!! He actually called my mom while he was out because he was so nervous picking out a ring, but she made him do it on his own lol. So after he bought it he took it to my parent's house to show them, which was a huge thing! I'm so proud of him! It was the most amazing and perfect day ever!!
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To create the "moonlight romance" feel, I'm going for an intimate and elegant look. I have this great vision in my head but I'm having a hard time explaining it to others. So, I'm gonna try and break it down here real quick. ;)


I love pintuck linens! I want to order a couple samples and compare colors. I really love the shade it looks in this pic, but of course things can vary.

 I bought lanterns very similiar to this. They are black also, so I am debating spray painting them like a silver color or even a matte grey to  go along more with the colors.


 Reception, Decor

This is a little overdone for me, but I love how its like a starry sky. I'm hoping to stock up on more christmas lights and do something similiar just a little toned down.



 Reception, White, Purple, Decor, Silver, Table, Head, Dream day design Love all the candles on the sweetheart tables. These two are my favorites.

Cake Table: