Oct 11, 2008

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
We got our wedding invitations from invitesite, and they were beautiful! We chose a chocolate brown textured paper with a rustic twine to wrap it with, and the finished result was quite lovely. The look is a rustic-type elegance--for those of you who want something polished, this may not be the vendor for you. One thing to be aware of--the paper has (naturally) some variation in color and also in thickness. The invitations we wound up with were slightly flimsier than the sample we had received, but nevertheless were still really pretty. I would use this service again and would recommend it. They were friendly and easy to work with.
Services used: Invitations

The Kitchen for Exploring Foods
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We overall had a great experience with The Kitchen. Most importantly, the food was EXCELLENT. The food is high quality, gorgeously presented (this matters--we went with a buffet and I think schaffing dishes are so unappealing). The beef short ribs are the best I've ever had anywhere (and I order them at basically every restaurant). Cost-wise as well, the Kitchen is very reasonable. Our final bill was almost identical to our proposal, and they worked within our budget. Unlike many caterers, the Kitchen is willing to serve alcohol that YOU provide (costco!), which lowers the price per head considerably. Our event manager, Julian was phenomenal. He has a great personality (it's your wedding! you want to enjoy planning it with good people), great sense of style, and is reliable. After meeting him, we were confident our reception would be in capable hands, and our expectations were exceeded. The event ran super smoothly. In subtle ways, you can tell he holds any event he is associated with to very high-standards and will make perfection happen. For the menu planning, we worked with Nicolette who was sweet and patient and enthusiastic. She made great recommendations, was fun to work with and was very professional. My one disappointment with this vendor came -- I think--simply from an unrealistic expectation. It was their creative menu that got me in the door, and based on info from reviews on the website and elsewhere, I thought they would work closely with me to create a special/personalized menu with nuanced dishes and pairings...But for the most part, we wound up with dishes off their catering list. This disappointed me initially but I got over it. Also, from what I read, I thought each client would be scheduled for a one-on-one meeting with the owner (who is supposed to be a genius) to sculpt a menu , but this was something I had to special request. In the end, that meeting was a waste of my time and hers. I don't think my questions or concerns were heard by the owner, who is understandably very busy. (Perhaps a specially crafted menu is only for higher budget events? Or maybe I wasn't explicit enough about my expectations at the outset?) In either case, in the end, I did feel like we were treated with care by a very elite LA catering company. And most of all--the food was to die for. Our guests had the "phenomenal-dinner" after-glow. Our families who are VERY particular about food (my mom tells it like it is, no feelings spared), were freaking out about how delicious the food was. You can't go wrong with The Kitchen. PS. NO ONE goes home hungry,.
Services used: Catering

Susina Bakery
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
I have tried a few of their cakes (chocolate peanut butter, berry blossom, and another chocolate-mousse type cake) and I didn't like any of them--I thought they were too sweet. I do know that my opinion is the exception and not the rule, though. I do really love Susina's tarte tatin and macaroons. I went with Cakes by the Pound (not a vendor on this site) for my wedding and was blown away by the taste and texture of their cakes. Moist, rich, sophisticated, unbelievable. I also tried: - Rosebud: almost went with them, best-cake bang for the buck in terms of price/taste/looks... they are artistic masters, but though cake was slightly dry. Liked the white velvet though - Cakery Bakery: tasty! we liked but didn't love - Porto's: can't remember my impression - Cake Art: on Santa Monica: great red velvet - Royal Cakes: our distant second favorite taste-wise but they were inflexible w/cost - Hansen's - solid - A Sweet Design - great, creative flavors
Services used: Wedding Cake