May 29, 2010

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The Cake

Our cake isn't exactly traditional.  We already had that one back in October so we decided to have a little fun this time around.  Our cake topper is of the bride dragging the groom.  We've tweaked the desing of the cake since this sketch but it's the same basic concept.  We are going with a ball and chain theme.  I am spending this weekend making it.  Basically the chain will go into the cake at the top and drape down and around until meeting with the ball at the bottom. 

The Details photo 1The Details photo 2

The Centerpieces

This is only a rough mockup of what we want.  There are LED tealights that are being delivered that will go under the lampshade to give a little light.  The flower in the vase now is fake but on the day of there will be real ones.  I used fake just to get a feel for it. 

The Details photo 3


We are not doing necessarily traditional favors.  Instead, we reserved a photo booth for you event.  I absolutely cannot wait because the type of people that we have coming will make for some great pictures to keep.

The Details photo 4The Details photo 5

Second Part of Dessert

In addition to the wedding cake, we are also offerring our guests something else for dessert: ice cream cake!  We will be getting small cakes from Coldstone Creamery of strawberry, chocolate, and birthday cake ice cream.  I am not sure what else will all be in it as toppings but I absolutely cannot wait!

Invitations and Save-the-Dates

The Details photo 6The Details photo 7

MR and MRS

We ordered these MR and MRS from etsy.  We got them in the mail the other day and they are absolutely perfect!  Our letters are in black.  They will be going on the sweetheart table on top of a bed of white rose petals on either side of my toss bouquet.

The Details photo 8

Sweet Treat

I am really wanting to get a bride and groom candy apple to sit at our places.  Either that or the strawberries.  I have been in love with them for months and really hope the store around here is still making them!

The Details photo 9The Details photo 10

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On May 29th, I will be wearing my wedding dress once again.  It took me a while to decide on it but realised that our photographer will be there and those are memories I would like to have in my dress.  However, I will be changing when the dancing at the end of the night starts!

All About Me photo 1

My Victoria's Secret dress in red.  I absolutely love it!  It is so hard for me not to try it on again but I know if I did, I would never take it off!

For shoes, I have absolutely no idea!  I know I want black but after that, not a clue.  I will be going shopping this weekend and hopefully I can find something I love!!!

All About Me photo 2

I will have a plain white garter to use during the garter toss but I will be wearing another for us to keep.  It is an Army one that I got from David's Bridal.  I am unbelievably in love with it!

All About Me photo 3All About Me photo 4All About Me photo 5

My makeup is something that's hard for me because I typically don't wear much.  I love dramatic eyes but I still want something that looks natural.  I want to be able to recognize myself in the pictures.

All About Me photo 6

Hair was so easy for me to decide on.  It will be down with soft curls.  I decided for it to be down because I don't want to have to take a shower when I get home and take out a million bobbie pins and wash out a ton of hairspray.  Our flight the next day for our HM is at is the last thing I want to worry about!

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We decided on the same colors that we had for our ceremony:

Black, Red, and White.

Our Colors and How We Are Using Them photo 1Our Colors and How We Are Using Them photo 2Our Colors and How We Are Using Them photo 3

We decided to go with black linens on the guest tables with black chairs.

Our Colors and How We Are Using Them photo 4Our Colors and How We Are Using Them photo 5

The sweetheart, cake, gifts, and food table will all be in red linens.

I would really love to have some draping so make the room we are using more intimate. 

*Note: I will be visiting our venue this weekend and will have pictures of what the room looks like.

Our Colors and How We Are Using Them photo 6

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    Honeymoon photo 1Honeymoon photo 2

We will be staying at the Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort in Aruba!  Neither of us have ever been there before and I cannot wait to leave.  We are leaving May 30th at 6 am and coming home (sadly) on June 6th.

                Honeymoon photo 3  Honeymoon photo 4

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Bridal Salon: David's Bridal
Florist: Connells Maple Lee
Photographer: New-Image Studios
DJ: Team DJ
Caterer: Nick Nye
Rentals: Lasting Impressions
Favors: VIP Photobooth
Cake: Kathy Dexter/Coldstone Creamery
Invitations: seal-n-send
Save-the-Dates: save-date-magnet
Ceremony Venue: Pickerington Church of the Nazarene
Reception Venue for May: Whitehall Community Center
Reception Venue in October: Berwick Manor
Hair for the Ceremony: Wendy at Salon Lofts
Makeup for the Ceremony: MAC counter at Nordstrom
Hair for the Reception: Blythe at Charles Penzone
Makeup for the Reception: Charles Penzone

*****Reviews will be coming after May 29, 2010 (our reception date).*****

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A Little Bit About Us photo 1

Hi ladies! I'm Sara.  I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and I am still in this area.  Currently I work as a receptionist for an electrical company that my parents recently sold.  I already have my license in massage therapy and I am close to being finished with classes for medical billing and coding. 

A Little Bit About Us photo 2

This is my absolutely amazing husband!  He was born in Washington state but moved to Ohio when he was little.  He is currently active duty Army working in Lancaster and Newark, Ohio as a recruiter.  He is considering going into the Active Duty Green to Gold program at his next re-enlistment.  He spent his first five years in the Army stationed in Fort Bragg in North Carolina as an infantryman.  He is part of the 82nd Airborne. 

A Little Bit About Us photo 3A Little Bit About Us photo 4A Little Bit About Us photo 5

This is our furball, Winnie.  She's about a year and a half right now.  Such a baby.  Love her to death but she can be such a pain sometimes.  :)  She has currently gotten into a habit of laying on her back randomly.  I've had her since she was 3 months old.  My brother and his wife currently have her brother and they look identical.  She's my little munchkin and as annoying as she can be sometimes I love waking up and coming home from work and being able to snuggle with her.