Nov 01, 2008

Rich Chapman Wedding and Lifestyle Photographers
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Here's a quick scene from our wedding: After the ceremony, we'd all arrived at the reception, buzzing with excitement. We didn't notice the incredible late autumn sunset taking place all around us. Rich did and he didn't waste a second of our time in getting the photos he knew would turn out great. And did they ever. Unlike what I assume many wedding photographers to be (all business), Rich and Co. seemed to know their very important role in the day and just go with it. Laid back, but in a "there's-no-way-I'm-not-getting-this-shot" sort of way. He showed passion for everyone and everything he photographed that day. And he does it in a way that respects the storyline for that day - a nod to his photojournalism chops. And if you're still in doubt after reading this and all of the the other glowing reviews, you should know that the book he puts together is worth every single penny, and continues to wow everyone who picks it up.
Services used: Photography