May 31, 2008

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We are blessed to have such close friends and family and to have such a wonderful Wedding Party!!! Each of you contributed to make our Special Day to be a wonderful experience for the both of us!!! We are glad that each of you were able to celebrate our Wedding Day with us!! We would like to say thank you!!!!!

We thank each of you that took the time in putting hard work into preparing and helping to put this Wedding together. We could not have done it without each of your help. Thank you all so much!!!

David and I would truly like to also thank everyone for the Gifts they had given us!!! We truly loved them and did not expect to have received so much!! Thanks to everyone for thinking of us!!!! We truly are gratefull!!!!!

David & I celebrated our Honeymmon by leaving directly after the Wedding Reception, to catch a plain to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. were we spent four days and three nights there...We then set sail on a three day, two night Cruise to Nassau Bahamas and to top the honeymoon off....we ended up in Orlando, FL. where we spent three days and two nights while enjoying two days at the Universal Studios at Disney World!!! We had so much fun there!!!! It was truly an exciting and fun Honeymoon!!!

Thanks to everyone......

Mr. & Mrs. David Blackwell