Aug 21, 2010

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Bathroom Baskets photo 1

I made one for the mens room and womans room.  They all have the same stuff except I added lightdays and tampons in the womans basket.

They contain bandades, lint roller, hair spray, tissues, cough drops, asprin, antiacides, stain stick remover, lotion, and mints.

The poem read:  Whether your skin feels dry or your hair out of place,

                        Your not feeling so fresh, or whatever the case,

                        We've put together a basket to help you along,

                            Now hurry back out before you miss the next song.

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Because FI just started a new job, he has no vacation time saved up yet.  We decided to go to a B & B in Apalachicola, FL which is a hour away from us.  We are just going to stay for the night, but I wanted to get away and do something after we are married.  We are going to go Sunday, one week after the wedding.  I was thinking of doing it that Sunday after we got married, but decided not too since I will have some oOT guests here that I never get to see.  I can not wait.  We even got the romance package that has to glasses to keep. a bottle of chilled champagne, and godiva chocolate.

Room 11 Heaven


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For my friends, I got them each a hand painted wine glass that are my wedding colors and have there initial on them.  They also got a candle shaped as a wedding cake.

For my cousin and her fiance I put a bottle of champagne in it with a small candle form Yankee Candle Company

For my Aunts, I put a bottle of wine in it with a candle from Yankee Candle company called Wedding day.

Each bag also has 2 bottles of water, a small bag of coffee with sugar and creamer, a thing of microwave popcorn, 2 small packs of cookies, 2 biscotties, and a travel guide.

Welcome bags for my OOT guest photo 1

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I am getting each girl Jewlery to wear for the wedding and a clutch.

Updated the bridesmaids gifts photo 1Updated the bridesmaids gifts photo 2

Update:  The bags were still backordered and I was afraid that I wouldn't get them in time, so I ended up going with another one.Updated the bridesmaids gifts photo 3

There dresses are very plain, except for a little broch on the side and I think the jewlery will help emphazite it very well.

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Entrance song into the reception, What dreams are made of- Hilary Duff

Our first dance, This I promise you- Ronan Keating

Father/Daughter Dance, My little girl- Steve Kirwin

Step-father/daughter dance, how you live- point of grace

son/mother dance, Do I make you pround-Talor Hicks

Cake cutting song- yummy yummy yummy

garter toss -you can leave your hat on-joe crocker

Buuqet toss- sinle ladys- byonce