Jun 20, 2010

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I've got some entries that are "friends only" due to a potential peeping fiance, so please add me if you'd like to see more :)

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We're slowly starting to compile a list of songs that we definitely want to incorporate into our special day. From the "first dance" to the ceremony video trailer, here are some that we love. The tricky part is to figure out which one fits better in each category. Any personal song suggestions are always welcome :)

Hey, Soul Sister - Train

You Got Me - Colbie Caillat

Better Together - Jack Johnson

You Are the Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne

This Years Love - David Gray

There's plenty more, but too many to put on here...I think everyone would get sick of it - ha!


 *3/22/10 - I think we've decided on "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green as our 1st dance song - yay!






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I love the look of these babies - they give off such a gorgeous vintage vibe. I'm thinking of getting these for me, my BMs and our guests (I'm sure they'd help with the hot Florida sun too).

Parasols in love photo 1  Parasols in love photo 2

Parasols in love photo 3

**UPDATE 5/20/10**

I've decided to order an Ivory one for me and Fuschia for my BMs!! I can't wait to see how they're going to look on the big day! They were only $8.50 each from ~ what an awesome website!!

U32WHoffwhitepaperparasol.jpg picture by ilikekennedy   U32FU-Fuchsia-Paper-Parasols.jpg picture by ilikekennedy

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For whatever reason, I'm loving the look of carnation centerpieces. They create such a nice "poofy" effect. I'm visioning them in clusters of fuschia, ivory and maybe green (colors not mixed together though) with candles surrounding them...and on black linens with damask table runners. And they should be pretty budget friendly which is always a plus! My wonderful FMIL is helping with the arrangements and she really likes the idea. Ok, so either carnations or hydrangeas - I think those are my top choices - for now ;)

Inspiration Pics:

Centerpieces photo 1

Pic taken with my cell phone - crappy :(

0204001657.jpg picture by ilikekennedy

Love this, but with black linens:

Centerpieces photo 2

Hydrangea Centerpiece:

Centerpieces photo 3

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I went straight to after many recommendations. Since I'm short and my fiance is just under 6', I needed something with a heel. Don't worry, I'm going to practice walking on that sand in them!!! After a disappointing "miss" on a first pair ordered, I finally found the perfect ones!! They're the Nina Papina - love the name! At first I couldn't decide on what color I wanted, but after many discussions with my friends I chose ivory. Simple. Classic. Now I just hope they survive the festivities down here in Florida so they can make an appearance at our hometown reception ;)


                                            1133155-p-DETAILED.jpg picture by ilikekennedy