Oct 02, 2010

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Mark & I met in 2004. I was living in State College PA at the time going to massage school. I was living with 3 other girls, one including one of my best friends Erin (and MOH). Erin & I had all these plans to live at this specific apartment complex, and they "room-mate" matched us with 2 other girls. Up until about 3 weeks before we moved in, we were supposed to live with a girl named Stacey. Well...we soon found out Stacey backed out, and they matched us with a girl named Emily (I promise there's a point here!).

So we move in, and the 3 of us become really good friends. In April of the following year, Emily invited Erin & I to visit her hometown near Pittsburgh for a fun-filled weekend! We all go out one night, and Emily's boyfriend (now husband) brings his 2 friends. Hmmmm??? Set-up? Noooo! Well, I noticed Mark immediately. He was SOO tall (he's 6'5")! And handsome :) We started talking...he bought me a drink...we danced a little.

Afterwards, we went to Mark's friends house and hung out. Talked and talked. By the end of that night, we shared our first kiss. :)

We still to this day (6 years later) talk about how funny it was that that one girl backed out of living with us, because if she hadn't, Emily & I would've never meant, thus, Mark & I would have never meant. It's funny how some things work out :)