Sep 11, 2010

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Bridesmaids I'm having my friends pick out their own dresses - I love the non-matching look, so I gave them all one of those color palette paint sample cards and told them to pick something similar to any of the three colors on the card.

Groomsmen So far, I have no idea! My fiance was thinking of something vintage-inspired like black suspenders and bowties.  I'm pretty much giving him full reign as far as what the men are wearing.

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Themes We're both vintage & antique lovers, so we plan on hitting up local flea markets to get inspiration, centerpieces, and any other wedding-related knick-knacks we can find.

Wedding Mission Statement We're both also anti-"Wedding Industrial Complex"-type folks, and the more DIY for our Big Day, the better! On an interview with a potential wedding caterer, I was told it was "impossible to do a wedding for less than $30,000"...I think he is wrong in that we can't do a wedding HIS way for under $30K, but there are weddings styles that demands require that sort of funding, and that's okay too. However, we believe it IS possible to do OUR wedding for under that amount (Our goal is at or around $10,000...Let's hope we can stick to it!!!) We're not big consumerists, and though I'm a very detail-oriented person, I've vowed not to go bridezilla over the style of the napkins or different shades of burgundy.  People will remember the good times they had and the quirky details of the wedding that really showed our personalities, and they'll likely forget about what shoes I was wearing or what kind of flowers were in the centerpieces.

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The Venue photo 1

Venue We're having our ceremony & reception at Orcutt Ranch in sunny Southern California (Canoga Park, to be exact).  Above is a small taste of the place!


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About Us photo 1

Above: Me & the fiance at Versailles in France, a few days before he proposed. Our friend
who took the photo commented that it was a "perfect idea for an engagement photo." At
that point, she didn't know about his plans to propose...She found out literally moments right
before he was going to do it!

The Bride Danielle is a quarter-century-old Los Angeles native who grew up riding bikes with the boys and putting together neighborhood newsletters when she was a wee girl.  She works at a law office to pay the bills, but her passion is writing (she was editor in chief of her college newspaper and loves news reporting).  In her spare time, she contributes to LAist and blogs about life and urban exploration in L.A. at www.thenativeLAtourist.com.  And just to keep herself extra busy, she's also blogging about her wedding planning experiences at www.cluelessbride.net (shhhh, don't tell anyone!).

The Groom My fiance is a San Diego native and aspiring actor (he got his degree in theatre...and was probably one of the few straight guys in the department!).  He pays the bills by working at a post-production house for film & TV shows.

The Engagement The fiance proposed during a two-week vacation in Europe.  He popped the question while we and some friends were exploring a chateau in the French countryside.  I had no idea it was coming...To read the crazy and confusing story in its entirety, click here.

The Ring I feel a little silly writing about the engagement ring (I still have no idea what cut it is or the carat size...Its sparkle is enough to keep me satisfied!), but because I'm so proud that my fiance got me a conflict-free diamond, I think the company that made my rock, Diamond Nexus Labs, deserves a shout-out.  I'll probably never visit their website in fear of finding out how much he spent on the ring, but if anyone out there is socially-conscious and looking for an alternative, check them out.

Also, feel free to add me as a friend...There are a few things that are friends-only so as to avoid the eyes of my net-savvy fiance (sorry dude!). Actually, he was the one who introduced me to PW, imagine that!