Sep 11, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
If you're getting hitched and want your wedding day to also go off without a hitch, you NEED Theresa! My fiance (errr, husband!) was the one who found Hustle & Bustle Wedding Coordination through the PW reviews, and as soon as I met with Theresa for the first time I knew she had to be our day-of coordinator. I can't think of anyone else who would have been as friendly, amazing, understanding or helpful as her.

Our venue (Orcutt Ranch in West Hills, which was equally as awesome, btw) was very DIY, so we pretty much did all of our decor -- we were going for an antique & vintage-inspired wedding, so all of our centerpieces were old books and one-of-a-kind finds from flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores. Theresa was so incredibly accommodating and set up all of our carefully-planned decor perfectly; in fact, we couldn't have done it better ourselves! She understood exactly what we wanted and what our needs were!

My husband and I were absolutely clueless when it came to planning the details of our ceremony and reception, and Theresa went over the entire schedule with us and made sure it was what we wanted. There were so many times she asked us questions about things that had never even occurred to us to consider.

She also made sure we followed our schedule and hunted us down so that we were on time for everything. There is absolutely no way we could have coordinated our wedding day on our own, and my husband and I are so grateful for the opportunity to work with Theresa!
Services used: Wedding Planning

Smart Party Rentals
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Please excuse my laziness, I'm just copying+pasting my Yelp! review of SP Rents!

We worked with Smart Party Rents for our wedding at Orcutt Ranch and I'm so glad we picked them! We were considering a different vendor that was significantly cheaper, but the saying "You get what you pay for" is absolutely true. In the back of my mind I knew SP Rents was the better choice and I'm so happy I went with my gut instincts because Sharon, whom we worked with primarily, was so incredibly helpful and knew all the quirks of our venue.

Even though there was another vendor that had lower prices, Smart Party Rents is actually pretty affordable in the first place and they are very accommodating to your needs. Compared to the service we would have gotten from the other vendor, it was so worth it for us to go with SP Rents. Sharon was great and was able to tell us exactly what we would need and what was unnecessary for our outdoor wedding in mid-September. There was never a moment in which we felt we were being pushed into renting things we didn't need.

When it came to the big day, the rental staff was prompt with set-up and breakdown and I was so surprised at how quickly they finished! I never had a chance to really see them in action since I was "forced" to sit back and relax in the bridal room, but I knew there was nothing to worry about because Sharon was so wonderful and assuring.

If you want the job done right, Smart Party Rents will do it perfectly.
Services used: Rentals & Photobooths