Sep 10, 2011

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Unity Sand Seremony:

During our ceremony we will most definately be doing a Unity Sand Ceremony. Unity Candles are all the rage around here, so I love being unique and different. Of course, on PW it's fairly common.

We love this set:

Ceremony Ceremonies photo 1  Ceremony Ceremonies photo 2

Vows: Some possibilities here!


Ring Warming Ceremony:

I learned about this through the faboo AJFisher! We don't have a ring bearer, so I think this will be something nice to do after the parents are seated and before the BP walks down.

"A tradition in which the wedding bands are tied together, and then passed along to the wedding party, family and friends. As it passes from one person to the next, each “warms” the rings with a prayer or a blessing."

Ceremony Ceremonies photo 3

Source for quote and picture.



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I am super in love with these table numbers:

Table Number Inspiration photo 1

Our venue has stands for the table numbers so we don't need the frames, but they are so bright and creative! I found these via the amazing AJ, and the source for these is here.

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Music For our Wedding Day!


Guest Seating: Bruno Mars/Glee instrumental version of Marry You (if I can find sheet music for my pianist) 

Parent Seating:

Bridal Party: Instrumental version of Taylor Swift's Love Story. Listen in here!

The Bride: The Bridal March or whatever the traditional one is.

Recessional: Instruments version of Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World.


Bridal Party Entrance: Unknown

Bride and Groom Entrance: Unknown

First Dance: Oliver Jame's The Greatest Story Ever Told. It's relatively unknown; listen here!

Second Spotlight Dance: Unknown. Possibilties are Sway or Somewhere Beyond the Sea (the first song we ever danced to).

Father Daughter Dance: Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, Nash (and possibly Young)

Mother Son Dance: Unknown. I might have to pick it for FI. :)

Anniversary Dance: Probably some super traditional italian song. :)

Cake Cutting Song: Unknown

Dance Songs will be an array of songs from the 40's to present.

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We'll be traveling to our wedding and reception in awesome style. We're getting a vintage checker taxi. My parents will be coming with me, and then FI and I will travel to the reception in this as well.






Transportation Style photo 1


Our bridal party and FI will travel to the wedding in this party bus. We will take this on the return trip, and my parents, FMIL, aunt and grandmother will be on here for the ride home.

Transportation Style photo 2

Yes, that's a stripper pole!

My grandmother, aunt, and FMIL will be traveling to the ceremony in the Lincolin White Stretch. My parents will be taking this with everyone else to the reception, and then they will all be traveling back on the bus.

Transportation Style photo 3



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So far, these are the people we've hired and places we have booked for our wedding. We hope these people will make our wedding fun and beautiful and run smoothly.

Wedding Gown:

Angel's Bridal (Staten Island, NY)

Designer: Venus Bridal Style VE8042

Vendor List photo 1


Bridesmaid Dresses:  

La Belle Boutique of Jersey City

Matron of Honor's Dress. BM Dresses will be all purple.

Ceremony Venue:

The Unitarian Church of Staten Island

 Vendor List photo 2


Reception Venue:

The Excelsior Grand of Staten Island

Vendor List photo 3



Photography by Nicole Marie

Engagement Portraits, The Entire Wedding Day, and Boudoir Pics!



Ceremony Musicians: My parent's friend will be playing piano!

Cocktail Hour and Wedding: Michael Vecchia Productions (aka MVP)



Infinity Video Productions



Paradise Flower Shoppe

Steve is super awesome and has put up with all of my questions very politely.






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  • Bride's dress on the hanger or over a chair
  • Close-up of bride's shoes
  • Close-up of bride's bouquet
  • Bride in curlers or having makeup applied
  • Bridesmaids applying their makeup
  • Bride putting on garter
  • Mom and/or bridesmaids helping the bride arrange her dress, bustle the train, etc.
  • Close-up of dress details
  • Bride together with bridesmaids
  • Bride hugging mom
  • Flower girl(s) ready to go
  • Mom or bridesmaids putting finishing touches on bride, adding the veil, etc.
  • Bride spending moment alone, thinking quietly, praying or looking out the window
  • Full-length shot of bride all dressed and ready to go
  • Groom putting on tie
  • Groom with groomsmen
  • Ring bearer ready to go
  • Groom with dad, hugging or whispering advice
  • Bride and groom separately getting in the car, limo or cab


  • Groom looking out the window, waiting for the bride to arrive
  • Car arriving with bride
  • Bride stepping out of the car
  • Wide shot of ceremony space from the back
  • Guests arriving (especially if they're using special transportation like a shuttle bus, boat or even escalator)
  • Ushers helping grandparents and special guests to their seats
  • Front and back shots of flower girl/ring bearer walking down the aisle
  • Close up of details (guest book, pew decorations, etc.)
  • Groom and groomsmen waiting nervously for bride to walk down aisle
  • Guests sitting down, waiting for ceremony to start
  • Bridesmaids walking down the aisle
  • Wedding party standing at the altar
  • Bride just before walking down the aisle
  • Back shot of bride (and escort) beginning to walk down the aisle
  • Full-frontal shot of bride (and escort) walking down the aisle
  • Close-up of groom's face when he sees bride for the first time (this can be done earlier, if photos are done before the ceremony)
  • Back shot of bride and groom together at the altar with officiant between them
  • Shot focusing on bridesmaids' bouquets, lined up as they hold them at the altar
  • Close-up of each hand as the rings are exchanged
  • Close-up of bride's face, as seen over the groom's shoulder
  • Close-up of groom's face, as seen over the bride's shoulder
  • Shot of both sets of parents' faces as they witness ceremony
  • The kiss
  • Happy couple walking back down the aisle together, as married couple
  • Guests getting ready to shower the couple with well wishes (and bubbles, birdseed, etc.) as they leave
  • Bride and groom walking out of ceremony space, hand-in-hand

BEFORE THE RECEPTION/During the cocktail hour (These can be taken before the ceremony)

  • Full shot of bride and groom together, smiling
  • Full shot of bride and groom hugging
  • Full shot of bride and groom kissing
  • Bride being lifted or carried by groom or sitting on groom's lap
  • Close-up of couples' faces as bride is lifted, carried or sitting on groom's lap
  • Bride with her parents
  • Groom with his parents
  • Bride with groom's parents
  • Groom with bride's parents
  • Bride with bridesmaids
  • Groom with groomsmen
  • Bride with groomsmen
  • Group shot of bride, groom, family and wedding party
  • Groom leaning up against a wall with bride in front of him, kissing
  • Bride and groom walking toward the camera, holding hands
  • Bride and groom walking away from camera, holding hands
  • Bride and groom looking off in the same direction together


  • Close-up of details (place settings, name cards, etc.)
  • Close-up of centerpieces
  • Wide shot of entire room before everyone arrives, even better if taken from above
  • Any special moments during the receiving line process
  • Bride and groom's first dance
  • Groom dipping bride
  • Bride dancing with her dad -- close-up of her face as seen over his shoulder
  • Groom dancing with his mom
  • Close-up of cake
  • Bride showing her new ring to the guests
  • Bride and groom hugging guests, close-ups of faces
  • Best man (or other guests) making a toast to the couple
  • Bride and groom's faces as they listen to the toast(s)
  • Guests smiling and clapping
  • Guests dancing and cutting loose on the dance floor. (Tip: Ask for a slow shutter speed to get a blurry/focused effect)
  • Wide shot of entire room after guests arrive, even better if taken from above
  • Close-ups of guests' faces, laughing and having a great time -- lots of these
  • Groups of friends sitting together at their table or dancing
  • Bride and groom whispering to each other
  • Parents (or even better, grandparents) dancing
  • Kids dancing or playing around
  • Close-up of band or DJ
  • Bride and groom cutting the cake
  • Bride and groom feeding each other
  • Bride and groom in back seat of getaway car
  • Back of car as it drives away