May 29, 2011

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Hi Project Wedding Ladies & Gentlemen (if any).

I'm Jackie & I met my fiance when I was 17 years old & I am now 27.  We quickly hit it off and spoke for many hours on the phone, I don't think I've ever talked to someone as much as I talked to him.  For some reason, call it instinct or Gods wisdom, but I knew he was the one! :-)  I knew someday we would get married, I just didn't know when.

** He is my first love and though we had many trials during our relationship we have pulled through and are now planning to join our lives forever.  I am a Christian with a strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and I have always believed in marriage and consider it a sacred and important act that unites two into one.  I thank God for crossing our paths and I put our relationship & our marriage in his hands**


We are getting married in the month of May & I can't wait!! There is still so much to plan but as of now 09/02/10 we have my dress, the reception & the ceremony location.

Still need the following vendors:

  1. photographer
  2. videographer
  3. dj
  4. florist

So if anyone knows any great yet reasonably priced vendors please let me know! ;-) by reasonable max $1,500 for video, max $2,000 for photography..and you get my drift :-)

xoxo and Congrats to all the other engaged ladies out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!