Sep 25, 2010

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I also picked up the Ikea frame..not sure if I am gonna use it for my seating chart, escort card table or for photo-ops but I couldn't pass it up.

          Frame photo 1   Frame photo 2

                                    Frame photo 3

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Here are my fiance socks...his are the pink ones and the groomsmen will be wearing the black. Great find at Target. They are clearance now so I paid $1.50 for each.

                Fiance socks                                                                    Groomsmen Socks

The Groomsmen Socks photo 1                               The Groomsmen Socks photo 2


Inspiration for pics...

The Groomsmen Socks photo 3

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We purchased these candles awhile back and I was planning on putting them around the centerpieces but now we are only gonna use them on sign in table and around the bar. I am now planning on using just regular clear votives or pink ones if time and money permits. Again since I am having damask table squares I didn't want to take away from the centerpieces and everything look so busy with the damask votives. Our paper products also have damask so I guess you can say I want to calm it down a bit. Here are pictures of them. There are 6 in a package and I have alot. I also have a few of the taller one.

Damask Candles photo 1  Damask Candles photo 2

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I just ordered my garter, clutch and ring bearer pillow from esty. I am so excited, I have been wanting these items for a while and finally got to order them. I can't wait to recieve them. For now here are pics from the esty sites. I again debated on doing a damask pillow but I really didn't want over kill on damask. I hope I don't change my mind.

        My Esty Purchases photo 1   My Esty Purchases photo 2

                                                 My Esty Purchases photo 3

I really debated on this clutch too but I finally fell in love with the other one. Plus my dress is ivory and these are too white against my dress.

                                               My Esty Purchases photo 4  

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There are so many cakes out there that I love and picking one design was sooo hard for me. We debated on the damask cake for so long...and we finally decided not to have one. We didn't want too much damask, just hints here and there so we are now going with a more simple and I think elegant cake. Here are some of our almost cakes, of course they would of been smaller versions of these beauties...........(if these are your pics..please let me know, I saved some from a while back and not sure where I got them from. Thanks!)

                   Cake photo 1            Cake photo 2                                             Cake photo 3  

                     Cake photo 4  Cake photo 5


The one we picked...very popular bow cake! Our cake will have 4 tiers and it will have pink ribbon just like the first cake. We are having a small wedding only 140 guests. All I need now is to find the brooches. I think this will look great on our damask tablecloth. We debated on black ribbon but I think the pink will give it more color against the tablecloth.

  Cake photo 6        Cake photo 7                  Cake photo 8                              Cake photo 9  

**update** We decided on a new cake..will have some of this inspiration but with a hint of damask twist. I can't wait to see it. 


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We are ordering our table runners, table squares and one round table cloth from Serendipity Events on esty. They are from our local Long Beach area so no shipping, yay! Saves us some money. We decided to purchase them instead of renting because the prices were not that much higher and we can re-sell afterwards, I hope. We are using table runners on the sign in table, gift table and etc...table squares on the guests table and the round one for our cake table. We chose a flocked taffeta damaks pattern. I don't know why the table cloth looks lighter in picture but they do match perfectly. Table squares are being made..will post final pics when all completed. Our head table linens are being rented from Wild Flower Linens, we haven't finalized our order yet, will post pics soon once we finalize. Thanks! For the rest of our guest tables we couldn't afford to get special linens made or rented except for the table squres but they will have the regular white table cloth, a satin pink overlay that we are renting for a small fee from our venue and then the damask table square. I hope it all comes together like I imagine.

Table Linens photo 1  Table Linens photo 2