Oct 09, 2010

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I like to think I'm creative.  But, let's be honest-- the creative thoughts may be floating around in my noggin, but actually pulling through with amazing DIY projects?  Not so much.  At least, not yet.  I've had bags of ribbon, tissue paper, and other cheap and fun materials to make amazing ribbon pomanders a la Martha Stewart, but they're now just collecting dust in the corner of my bedroom.  With the wedding right around the corner (2.5 months-- freaking.out.) and precisely zero DIY projects, I've decided it's go-time.  Here's a list of DIY projects I want to get done BY AUGUST 31:

1.  Decorative chalkboards -- for the escort card/favor table
2.  Cute rustic-chic ceremony sign -- something like this (by doing this):

so inspired photo 1

3.  "Bride" and "Groom" chair signs
4.  OOT guest boxes or bags created, including letters to guests with a timeline
5.  Wedding programs (this scares me the most-- sounds a bit tricky!!)
6.  Birdcage card box
7.  Table numbers (featured on PW, among others!): 
so inspired photo 2

8.  A bunch of blue-green tinted jam jars as part of our centerpiece (to complement the wheat!!) so they look like this (but much much smaller-- the plan is to put tea lights in them):

so inspired photo 3


Whew.... this is daunting but exciting!!  Wish me luck... and please advise me on ANYTHING-- i need all the help i can get!!

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I'm envisioning tying in little details from both Jarrod's and my backgrounds/heritage into our wedding-- from the wheat centerpeices (Jarrod's family grew up in the wheat fields of South Dakota) to the paper crane aisle garlands. 

DIY Decoration Ideas photo 1

By sarahmoto on photobucket.

DIY Decoration Ideas photo 2

By greenweddingshoes.com


I'm having my mom, grandmother, and my two foster sisters help me make the paper cranes out of various heavy-weight origiami paper in shades of yellows, golds, and ivory.  I'm hoping to do something like this, but with paper crane garlands:

DIY Decoration Ideas photo 3


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We have an appointment set up to meet Melinda of Les Bouquets in St. Louis in a couple of weeks.  We're supposed to bring ideas/samples/anything helpful to hash out some possibilities with Melinda.  I know nothing about flowers except that i heart peonies (which will be out-of-season for an October wedding... not to mention, very pricey!).  Sooo, some options....


Flowers flowers flowers photo 1

Flowers flowers flowers photo 2

Flowers flowers flowers photo 3

I also want to incorporate blue, i think... love love love this bouquet featured on Real Simple:

Flowers flowers flowers photo 4

and this one!

Flowers flowers flowers photo 5

oooh, this too:


ok, i'll stop!  But aren't these bouquets just lovely??


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So, now that the venues are decided on, next on the list are colors!  The first picture that absolutely blew my mind was in a Martha Steward Weddings magazine a few months back:

Martha Stewart Weddings image

I LOVE this teal/white/ivory look-- it's classic and gorgeous!  To add to this color palette, we're also incorporating some yellow and gold.  Here's my inspiration board:

Real planning part II Colors photo 1

I keep going back and forth about yellow or gold, and have decided that both sound good!  So really, we have a deep teal, a marigold-ish yellow, gold, and ivory.  What do you think?

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Okay, so it turns out I am the worst p-dubber.  We're 5 months away from the big day, so it's time to seriously update everyone.  Part I, venues!

Real planning part I Venues photo 1

Butterfly House at Faust Park:  Ceremony Site! We're all booked and ready to go with this!  Here's what the area where we'lll be getting married looks like:

Photo found on Butterfly House's website

Next up, cocktail hour.  We're doing cocktail hour in a different location than our reception site, which is kind of stressful and I don't even know why we decided to go that route.....

Real planning part I Venues photo 2

oh right.  The amazing drinks that look like pure chocolate love.  Yes, please!  Bailey's Chocolate Bar is a couple of (long) blocks away from our reception site, so we're having a trolley transport guests between Chocolate Bar and reception site so that no one is driving around tipsy!  Great excuse for a trolley ;)

Here's our reception site, Moulin Events:

Real planning part I Venues photo 3

The website doesn't really have many great photos of the outside and each of the rooms in the building, but Moulin is housed in an old microbrewery, so there is a ton of character here.  The exterior is all brick, and with all the exposed beams and such in each of the rooms, it's a pretty awesome space!  We're excited, at least!  Hmm, next question-- how to decorate..... hmmmmm....


Well, those are our three venues that we've booked!  We're super-excited to have gotten the 'big' things taken care of.  Now we're moving onto the details to complete the weekend-- booking a florist, figuring out cupcake flavors, picking songs for the string quartet to play during our ceremony. It all seems fun and overwhelming at the same time.... eeek!

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one word: hooray!! 

We just received a DVD of all of our e-pics, and although there are some awkward ones (ok, so maybe this was the only really *awkward* photo.... this is what happens when you decide to incorporate your dog into your e-pics):

E pics are IN whoot photo 1

There are also a bunch of fun ones in the mix, too! 

Enjoy!  All credit goes to our friends and photographers, S&J Photography

E pics are IN whoot photo 2

E pics are IN whoot photo 3

E pics are IN whoot photo 4

E pics are IN whoot photo 5

(we're getting married in St. Louis, and thought it'd be fun to have the marquee at the local movie theater read a slightly-altered version of the classic movie title :)  )

E pics are IN whoot photo 6

(we're using this as our STD's!!)

E pics are IN whoot photo 7

(my absolute favorite shot of all!  juni the dog looks pretty darn cute.  and Jarrod's jeans look very snazzy)

E pics are IN whoot photo 8

(oh, why thank you for offering your human food to me.  don't mind if i have a lick... or try to later devour the whole waffle cone.)

E pics are IN whoot photo 9

(note: Jarrod developed a weird rash after this e-session... hmmm. somehow, not surprised...)

E pics are IN whoot photo 10

E pics are IN whoot photo 11

(this is another favorite-- late afternoon/early evening lighting is apparently, amazing.  who knew??)

E pics are IN whoot photo 12

(and to end with, a more traditional photo :)  )