May 29, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
The caterer, Contemporary Catering, for my daughter’s May 29th wedding was booked well in advance. I spoke directly with Nathaniel for the quote and had the pleasure of working with him though the process. Before I rate the food, I will begin with the preparations.

He recommended a rental company but I chose to go with a different vendor, Imperial Rentals. Adrineh from Imperial was very nice and provided some beautiful pictures and ideas. Imperial promised to have the tent fully finished and up on Thursday and all the rentals delivered and set up by Friday to make sure everything was perfect. Since we had so many elements to set up, this Thursday Tent/ Friday rentals delivery appealed to me. Against Nathaniel’s recommendations I trusted her.

The first hint that I should have trusted Nathaniel instead, was the visit to the venue. Nathaniel was there, the rental company he recommended was there, Viviana (our wonderful event coordinator) was there but Imperial did not show up.

The tasting: My husband, daughter and her fiancée were in heaven at the tasting. It was sublime.

This wedding involved 17 months of intense planning with many time consuming elements. I purchased over 50 outdoor chandeliers and over 1,000 boxes of high grade outdoor Christmas lights to illuminate the dance floor and the tent. I sewed custom table linens that were three layers. I had purchased over 30 pieces of Antique; settees, Wing Chairs, etc and had them all custom upholstered to match the wedding. I purchase 30 stained glass pedestal centerpiece floral containers and 60 silver iron floral containers for the side florals. I also purchased 1,000 hex and oval hex mason jars with thousands of candles. These are just a few of the many details that were dependent on the rental company keeping their word and being on time. No amount of complaining by the event coordinator or me could get them to work.

When the Nathaniel arrived on Saturday, the rental company still hadn’t even finished the tent. They had subbed it out to a vendor (Express Rental) without approval that did nothing and was seriously drinking on the job. Nothing was set up; not even the kitchen. Everything was dumped. It was a nightmare of horrific proportions. It was not his job, but he immediately took control of the situation and chewed out the rental company getting them working. It was not his job, nor his server’s job to work on set up. They literally saved the day. I seriously cried for 4 days straight after the wedding because of the rental company’s gross negligence and the thought of what would have had happened if I had not had Nathaniel. The stove didn’t even work and he got another company to immediately deliver an emergency stove. He not only knows food, he knows weddings.

On to the food:

There is only one word I can think of to describe the food and the staff. Perfect. Not a single dish wasn’t wonderful even though we started an hour late. Hors D’ourves were such a hit. The dinner was AMAZING. No matter what the guests selected, land or sea, all I heard were raves. Sometimes you taste a wonderful meal at a tasting but when it is for 175 people it is not quite the same. Not so with Contemporary.

I have to say that I meet few people in business whose integrity and quality matter more than their bottom line. We are a middle class family and he is kind of a white glove caterer but he treated us with absolute courtesy and respect. His staff was a joy. Not a single complaint about the food or the service. With a crew that size and a sit down dinner that size, and the nightmare with the rental company, I don’t know how he pulled it off.

I am sorry that I can’t adequately describe just how much he did and how truly wonderful he is. His logo is ‘Something sacred at every event’, but it’s not a logo. This is a man who genuinely believes it. We were perfect strangers but he took my event personally. I have had such a devoted and obedient daughter and so his intervention in areas that were not even his responsibility, his attention to detail, his pursuit of excellence have left me in awe.

Big or small, he knows his stuff completely. Not just food but events. I can recommend Contemporary Catering without a single reservation. I can recommend their food, staff, event knowledge and everything about them. If I had to give stars I would give him 10 diamonds.
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Imperial Party Rentals
( 0.0 / 5.0 )
I ordered a huge order for my daughter's wedding. Adrineh is so sweet and charming IT'S A TRAP!! She promised tents no later than Thursday and rentals no later than Friday.

I arrived on Friday morning and had to pick up all the beer bottles and trash from her workers drinking and partying all night. Frantically called her & her evil spawn husband who kept promising they were on their way. HE WAS BEYOND RUDE AND HEARTLESS. HE LAUGHED AT CRYING MOTHER OF THE BRIDE AND SAID THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO ABOUT IT SINCE THEY ALREADY HAD MY $$

We had 15 people standing around waiting for 3 days to decorate but they wouldn't show and every hour they promised they were on their way. It was a 1 hour drive, not a 3 day drive...they weren't coming in from Afghanistan. When they were there they wouldn't work with people watching. I found out why when I saw the stuff..all crappy and taped up with duck tape.

Long story short...they barely finished minutes before the reception ON SATURDAY WHICH WAS AN HOUR LATE BECAUSE OF THEIR INCOMPETENCE AND MALICE so we didn't get to put up all the decor (I wasted thousands of $$ because of them).


Kitchen didn't work & had to call another rental co for an emergency kitchen. CATERER BLACLISTED THEM!!

Chairs were different colors, tend draping was completely wrong and didn't match the wedding theme. Place was immaculate whey they arrived but they left trash everywhere. WEDDING PLANNER BLACKLISTED THEM!!

Even though I made everyone swear on pain of death not to tell bride or groom about the nightmare, I'm still the mother of the bride and paid a lot of pro's so I could just enjoy the moment. It's a once in lifetime day and they ruined it for me, my husband, her siblings aunts and uncles. Everyone who had to work to finish the set up that Imperial was paid to do. WE SPENT A YEAR AND A HALF PLANNING THIS DAY ONLY TO SPEND 3 DAYS CRYING AND BEGGING THESE DISGUSTING, USELESS PEOPLE.

Adrineh's husband is the most vile and vulgar man. He has a crew of scum. All her sweet words of 'God blesses' and sweet charm doesn't make up for the nightmare of their business.

I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT THEM. THEY ARE PURE EVIL. THEY TURN A DAY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FAIRYTALE INTO A NIGHTMARE. Even if you have to pay a few more bucks...don't trust them. It costs you more in the long run. I wasted thousands because of them and had to pay another rental company because of the stuff they had that didn't work so I ended up spending a lot more than if I'd gone with a different company.

I can only say wonderful things about the caterer, wedding planner, DJ, valet..everyone who pitched in to do what Imperial was paid to do. They worked hard to fix and save the day.

I love to write wonderful things about vendors as a 'Thank you' for their part and I did for 9 other vendors. THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE TO BE NEGATIVE BUT I HAD TO WARN PEOPLE WHO HAVE SPECIAL OCCASIONS.

I ignored another bride's warning because of their prices but she was so right. THEY ARE HORRIFIC. THEY WILL RUIN YOUR DAY. BEWARE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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