Sep 05, 2010

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My DIY invites. After mastering publisher (and swearing off MS Word) this got pretty easy to do! The brown backing is 5X7inches and I set the margins of the invite to be 3/8ths less all the way around. I used a Friskars to cut everything - love that tool! The RSVP card I was able to make small enough to get 4 to a page and save some paper and printing $$!

Credits to PW friends for the hand-me-down cardstock & access to their Clip Art. Couldn't have done it without you ladies!

DIY Invitations photo 1DIY Invitations photo 2


And the envelopes with the wrap around label. Yes mom, I'm breaking that rule. Envelopes are from and were so reasonably priced I opted to spring for the sparkly envelopes to match the brown backing. I used an image from the same flourish family and it snakes around to the back where we have our return address. I used full-sheet labels and cut them to the size I wanted after merging the addresses from my gues list. Luckily the regularly priced 44 cent stamps looked amazing with the envelope. Even FI was impressed at how great they looked.

DIY Invitations photo 3

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I am so excited! I just called an old family friend (my dad has been friends with him for decades) and asked if he would be willing to marry us. We will be his 6th wedding and he's excited to do it! I am so happy to have someone that I have known my entire life perform the ceremony. It will make it so special!

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We took our engagement pictures on the beach  - it was a great way to spend my birthday. I found a girl on Craigslist who was looking to expand her portfolio so was offering a low hourly rate. Overall it was a fun experience and we learned a few important things: 1 - we don't like butt shots (the photographer really does) and 2 - he doesn't like the crooked shots (the photographer really really does). It was a bright day which means that the colors are great but it was so hard to keep our eyes open. Hopefully we can agree on one for our STD mailers. E pics photo 1E pics photo 2E pics photo 3

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The E Ring and Wedding Band photo 1The ring = perfect.

He was so sweet when he gave it to me. I think he was worried that he picked the wrong one so he offered to let me change the setting. Silly man. When I went to the store to have it sized I looked at some other settings. Nothing was nearly as perfect as this. Ok, it's simple, but that doesn't mean it isn't perfect. It's perfect for me.

The E Ring and Wedding Band photo 2This is the wedding band we chose. It looks really pretty with the engagement ring.

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Nathan and I met in college and started "secretly" dating. We were co-leading a class that competed in Model UN conferences and we didn't think it would be appropriate if everyone knew were were dating. I say "secretly" because everyone knew. Oh well, we tried.

The college dating didn't last long, though I was devastated when we broke up. I finished school a year before he did so we went our separate ways. Literally: I moved north to Portland, he moved south to SoCal. Each year we would meet for an annual Model UN conference in Vegas that we both helped to run.

After our last year staffing the conference, I moved back to Northern California and so did he. Together again in the same city I was determined to keep things platonic.  I failed.  

Last November he accepted a job promotion that landed him on that lovely little island called Maui. In January he flew me out to visit him. I had already planned to move out there with him, but he really sealed the deal when walking along the beach at sunset he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Watching the sunset is one of our favorite things to do together, and now each sunset together will be that much more special.


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Dress remorse...the frightful feeling of buyers remorse is starting to receed. Slightly. I was suffering from severe paralysis by analysis: I had tried way too many dresses on and started liking them all.

I should have waited until we finalized plans for the theme and style of our wedding...but I didn't want to try to buy a dress in Hawaii. I wouldn't have anyone there to go shopping with me besides the groom and that wouldn't work. Reading on PW that many brides have dress remorse does help me feel less alone with this yucky feeling.

I suppose it is just a dress...right?