Jun 18, 2011

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My mother and I went a bridal show and saw a centerpiece with hanging votives. Ever since then she wants me to have them. Let me remind you, my mother has not been very hands on since I started planning. So if hanging she wants so she will get.

I Searched and found some for $2 each


$2 for the votive and you still have to pay at least the $1 for the LED light.

I need 31 total. That would cost me at least $60

Oh no

I will make them


4pk LED w/ holder @ Michaels $5.99 x 8 = $35  ( I also had a 25% coupon off total purchase)

Floral wire  A Michaels $1.99

Grande Total = $37

Here she is :

So she wants hannging votives MoM photo 1

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I made my "Wedding Broom"

Cost me:

$1.99 for the broom "Michaels"

$1.00 for the ribbon 'Dollar Tree"

$4.99 for the orchids "Michaels"

Making it a Grande Total of = $8.00

Beat that websites that charge $30 or more

Here she is

Gues who is Jumping the broom photo 1

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Well. I have been so inspired by this DIY thing, that I have been rocking and rolling with it. So I have started on my medding isle runner. Here is the cost break down:

Isle runner- $29.95 from Michael's (Had a 50% coupon). Now $15. 47

Acrylic Paint- 2 fo $1.00 from Michaels

Paint Brushes- $3.99

Blown up Monogram: $3.99

Grande Total: $ 24.95Yeah me!

My DIY Runner photo 1

I am really proud of myself.

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Oh I how happy I could be if I could find a dress that fits me...

Well I did and her name id Brianna. She comes from the Maggie Sottero line.

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I love the elegance of the crystal trees. So I wanted to do them for all 20 tables that will be at my wedding

My mock centerpiece Trial 1 photo 1

I will be adding a few more orchids to it so it looks more even.

I purchased the braches from

I purchased the crystals from

The vase are from Ross


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Since my cake is so simple. I had to make the broche's sizzle


My cake decor photo 1

I have 5 for the 5 tiers of cake!

Me and one of my bridesmaids almost went to battle in the local Macy's for these.