Oct 16, 2010

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We had our STDs made at and they were great to work with!

Here they are!

Save the Date photo 1

My job was to stamp the front and back envelope with our cute little stamps

Save the Date photo 2

The front stamped....

Save the Date photo 3

Jeff stuffed and sealed the envelopes

Save the Date photo 4

Wine is always a help :o)

Save the Date photo 5

The final product!

Save the Date photo 6

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wedding planning

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So Jeff and I would joke about what type of ring I would want and I always said anything with a lot of diamonds. I was half joking but lucky for me he took it and ran with it!! He did such a good job, he had it custom made in NYC.

The Ring photo 1

The Ring photo 2  The Ring photo 3

The Ring photo 4The Ring photo 5

yay! there are diamonds on both sides and the top of the band - the diamonds go all the way around the entire band!

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I am all over the place with colors. I have laid out a few that I really love and hopefully one of them is our winner! Most likely it's the first one.

Colors photo 1Colors photo 2Colors photo 3Colors photo 4

ruby                           palomino                       latte                      moss


Colors photo 5Colors photo 6Colors photo 7Colors photo 8

merlot                       banana                       midnight                    mocha


WE HAVE A WINNER. We are going with the colors of the first set (forget the color names they are random lol) but with the merlot of the second one and with a little silver/bling mixed in :o) So our main color is the merlot for the girls. I am sure I'm not going to find the exact colors so as long as we can stay in the family I will be happy lol.

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We are going to have our reception at Clarks Landing in Point Pleasant. It's not on the beach but on the Manasquan River. The venue opened this past August. Jeff and I went there in March of 2009 and it was just a frame! I saw the floor plan and loved it. Jeff had to talk me into putting a deposit on it because I couldn't "picture" the finished product. But it had everything we wanted in a venue, the bar is in the main room and a round dance floor. I have OCD when it comes to some/most things and I worry. I wanted a bar in the room because our friends are drinkers so to have them miss the whole wedding just to get a drink neither of us loved. I also wanted a round dance floor because I have been to so many weddings where I have had one foot on the dance floor and the other on the carpet lol. These are just the little things for us lol.

Cocktail Hour (downstairs)

Reception photo 1 Reception photo 2 

(sans truck in the background. They were there for the marina - that will not be in any of my pics!!)

Ballroom (upstairs)

Reception photo 3 Reception photo 4

Reception photo 5Reception photo 6

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We are getting married at the church I grew up going to, the Frist Presbyterian Church of Matawan. 

Ceremony photo 1

It's very simple inside, but beautiful. I am not sure what we are going to do to decorate, but I would like some flowers in there that I can carry over to the reception decor. Also some reserved seating just for our parents and grandparents. I just need to find some styles I like! lol.