Oct 30, 2010

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Yesterday Rogelio and I went to the court house and had our civil marriage ceremony!  We are now husband and wife!  I am Mrs. Campos now!  Yay! 

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Father Daughter dance

 I loved her first


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I finally got my invitations printed and put together....  They are diy invitations from Walmart.  with the pics and the invites, I spent about 40 dollars total for 130 invitations!!! 

Invitations and Card Box photo 1

I also made my card box.  I got a shipping box at walmart and a yard and a half of a green and a net....  I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I sat down and started playing, and came up with this!

Invitations and Card Box photo 2

Invitations and Card Box photo 3

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FH called and asked me to do him a huge favor and go to Safeway to get some things for his upcoming trip.  I was a little suspicious and a little annoyed, because he was already out and about and my nephew was sleeping and I wasn't about to get him up.  FH said not to worry, he would be at the house in 5 minutes. Yeah, he was probably just down the road.... lol!  So I went, and my suspicion grew, I started dreaming of coming home to a rose or something romantic.  He is leaving for a job for a few days, and I kinda wanted to have the ring before he left.  We had looked at them yesterday...  Anyway, he asked for very specific things, and that was strange to me too... 4 avocados... why 4???  Anyway. So I drove back and my heart sank and I got irked because I didn't see his truck in the driveway of my house.  But I pulled up to the garage and saw a big sign that said 'Corrie do you merry me?' The Proposal photo 1

 Ok, so his English is not so good, and his spelling worse!  But I was instantly taken into another reality.  He opened the door and said 'do you see what that say?'  I said 'yes, Por supuesto (of course!)'  He said 'Entonces aceptas mi anillo? (then do you accept my ring?)' and dropped it on the ground. The Proposal photo 2

 We both laughed and he picked it up and I said 'yes'.  All of the eloquence I had imagined that would flow from my lips was tied in a knot that stuck in my throat. He said 'Te pido que seas mi esposa y quiero compartir mi vida contigo.  Te quiero mucho, y quiero compartir todo contigo por el resto de mi vida. (I ask you to be my wife and I want to share my life with you. I love you a lot and I want to share every thing with you for the rest of my life.)' I could barely make a noise.  I could not stop smiling or hugging him.  I said 'si quiero (yes I want to)'  He put the ring on my finger, BTW, I wear a 7, the model size, I don't have to let the precious go to be sized!!!!!!!... The Proposal photo 3

 During this whole time, a friend of ours was taking pictures.   It is a pretty, marquis diamond in white gold.  I think it is a 1/4 carat... perfect size for my hand, and lifted enough to look good, but not catch on everything.  I am so happy and so at peace... I didn't want to let him go, but he had to go home and sleep so he can get up early in the morning to go for the job.  I am going to miss him a lot, but it will be sweet to have him back, then plow full force ahead into some serious wedding planning!!!

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I am in search of the 'perfect' favor!  I am compiling ideas, because it can't be too expensive, nor toooo involved.  So here are some of my ideas! 

Mission FAVORS photo 1  Mazapan with a monogram sticker on the back, like where the smiley is in this pic. 

Mission FAVORS photo 2 Chiclets probably too!!!

Mission FAVORS photo 3 Maybe some chocolate! 

If I have non-perishable food, like  candy, I think it will be ok.  Most people will be travelling either from Mexico or Tucson AZ anyway, so they won't really want to take a bunch of stuff home. 

I also want to do a PINATA for the kids!!!!

Mission FAVORS photo 4  I love making crafts, so I may make them myself.... Gotta decide if I want to spend my time on it though.  I could get two when I go to get the rest of the stuff with my mom in Tucson. 

More to come!!!!