May 19, 2010

Sophie's Gown Shoppe
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
If the mark of a good business is not the friendly service you receive while you are handing over the cash, but how they handle problem situations, then Sophie's fails. Big time. Here was my experience there: Sophie's Gown Shoppe requires a 50% deposit in order to place a dress order. The wedding I was to be a part of was tragically canceled, and I was wondering what would happen to my order and my deposit. They told me I had two options: forfeit my deposit, or pay the balance and pick up the dress. Fair enough. I was fine forfeiting my 50% deposit (who needs a purple tea-length dress anyway?), but there was a catch: I also paid the balance the same day as the deposit. I did this over the phone because I am from out of town. Of course I thought I would get a refund on the balance of the dress. All of the other bridesmaids forfeited their 50% deposit and left the dresses at Sophie's. Well, for some reason they decided they would keep a 100% payment from me. As I continued to explain how unfair this is, the sales person I spoke with continued to tell me how I was "confusing" her and that she "didn't understand" what I was saying. She kept saying that it was store policy to "keep the deposit". Yes. The deposit. The 50% deposit should be kept to cover the cost of the dress. This, I understand. This, I was willing to happily give them. But why do they have to keep the other half? They are going to profit from me, while the others pay only half? They are going to profit from a broken marriage? Terrible. Absolutely terrible.
Services used: Dress & Attire