Aug 07, 2010

Bella Wedding Bridal
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
i am totally one of those insane brides that kept changing her mind and rethinking every gown. i had put a deposit down at another boutique for another dress, but then fell in love with a manuel mota gown. i went into bella wedding during my last minute crisis, and they were able to custom order it for me from the designer with only 4 months to spare. the price was reasonable and included the cost of alterations, veil, and accessories rental.

the other thing i appreciated was the fact that they gave me the option to buy or rent and let me decide later on. a lot of koreatown boutiques will require that you order the sample size if you decide to rent so they can let it out for the next girl. but bella ordered the gown in my size and custom height and let me decide after the gown arrived.

i think bella’s selection is great, and they tend to carry higher end gowns and have established relationships with more designers than most of the koreatown boutiques. and even if they don’t carry it on the floor, you can shop around at american boutiques, find a design you like, and then call bella for a quote. they can special order gowns and they have competitive prices. highly recommended!
Services used: Dress & Attire

City of Commerce Flowers
( 4.4 / 5.0 )
eddie is definitely an old timer and has been in the biz for quite some time. i can tell because he was able to handle this neurotic bride with such patience and grace! i kept emailing him inspiration pictures and adding things and changing them around, and he was very receptive about all of it.

i found it extremely reassuring when he volunteered to do the mockup without a signed contract. most florists require a deposit before even doing any mockups, but he is a really no-pressure kinda guy, and it made me trust him all the more. i almost felt like i had to keep asking him when he needed the deposit by because i didn’t believe he would just hold the date without payment! now that’s something you don’t see very often.

i couldn’t be any more pleased with the prices. we went to 2 florists and got quotes, and they were at least $500 more than what eddie quoted us. and then i saw the mockup and got even more happy! the mockup was so generous and large and substantial. he rented us centerpiece crystals free of charge, and even did end of event pickups on all the rentals for free. we were able to save a lot of money by recycling our aisle decorations as low centerpieces based on his recommendation. and, he’s a miracle worker because he was able to get me the peonies i wanted, even though they were out of season. i absolutely loooved my bouquet!

overall, i was very pleased with the way everything turned out and everybody commented on how lush and expensive our arrangements looked. my only qualm was that he replaced the phalaenopsis orchids that he used in the mockups with mokara (less expensive ones), so that took me by surprise a little bit. i chock it up to a miscommunication, but overall was still very happy with the outcome!
Services used: Flowers

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
i was so incredibly happy with my hair & makeup! i think karen did such an amazing job and she was such a professional. the hair & makeup she did on my wedding day was consistent with what she showed during the trial. she showed up promptly with an assistant when she was scheduled and did an equally phenomenal job on all of my bridesmaids. she was extremely personable and easy to talk to, and made me feel totally glam!!
Services used: Beauty & Health

Tmmpro Event Lighting, AV & DJ Services
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
wow, i don't even know where to start with this one!

this is the quintessential case of "you get what you pay for." i was trying to go with the cheapest lighting i could find (because ladies, lighting can get expensive!). jack's prices undercut the competition by a huge margin and when we met with him, we were able to negotiate it down even further. i thought we were getting an amazing deal for the quality of work that he does. i was totally impressed by his portfolio, too. what could go wrong, right?

my only hesitation in signing the contract was that the new on site coordinator at the westin was saying that she didn't allow ceiling rigging (although jack had done it at the westin multiple times before). i told jack that my signing the agreement was contingent on how much she would charge me for the extra power and her policy on the ceiling rigging. i asked jack to ask the westin nicely to see if they could work out some sort of arrangement together and explain to them of his history there with the old on site coordinator. that basically amounted to a 1 line email back and forth of him asking if he could rig and the on-site coordinator replying "no," which jack promptly forwarded to me with a threatening note saying that he would "entertain other clients" on our date if we didn't sign. we totally should have walked away then. but because of his price, we ended up signing anyway.

the contract stipulated that we pay in cash, and that the final payment was due 3 days before the wedding. i emailed him and asked him if i could have the cash ready the day of the wedding OR if i could mail him a check because i didn't have time to meet up with him (any bride 3 days before the wedding knows what i'm talking about!). he flatly stated, "no, we will meet in person." i swear, he worded it just like that, as a command. so i requested that he come to my work and i will have the cash ready for him, and again, he stubbornly refused and said that we should "meet somewhere in the middle." (if you know anything about LA geography, he's in san gabriel, and i asked him to come to burbank. that is 13 miles. he asked to meet in the middle of a 13 mile drive). so i emailed him, and gritting my teeth, and told him to meet us in pasadena the following day and he agreed. we waited in pasadena for over 30 minutes (when i had a million other things to do), and he didn't show up. i called him and he said, "oh, i thought that was for tomorrow...i'll leave right now." we waited for over an hour for him to show and we handed over the cash, less $10 for doing 1 less pinspot than our original quote. we were with our day of coordinator and emcee at the time going over final arrangements, and we introduced them to jack as well. right there in front of our all other vendors, he argued about us giving him $10 less. unbelievable.

the other strange thing about this guy is that he stipulates in his contract that he is required to have a "hot meal." first of all, i'm not quite sure why a person from lighting needs to physically be present during the entirety of the event-- i thought they would just set up and leave (we didn't have any lighting changes during the night). and second of all, a vendor hot meal at the westin is $70. not to mention, if he is sitting there chowing down on his hot meal in front of other vendors, it just seems rude that we didn't all get them hot meals. what's even stranger is that a few days leading up to our wedding, his facebook status literally said "give us hot meals...can't wait for prime rib," or something to that effect. it leads me to believe he just shows up to these events to get fed for free.

jack's unprofessionalism and lack of respect is shocking, to say the least. this guy was such a diva that i literally felt like i was the one that was working for him and not the other way around. although it may be tempting to go with him given his prices and his portfolio, i say, save yourself the drama and find someone that will provide you service with integrity and respect!
Services used: DJ, Flowers, Rentals & Photobooths
Tmmpro Event Lighting, AV & DJ Services
Once again, congrats with your wedding and thank you for your feedback on Weddingwire.

Your wedding was about 5 months ago, so I don't recall all the specifics to your wedding. So please give me some leeway to any inaccuracy to my response.

1st of all, I thought I gave you a fair price. Your wedding was at Pasadena, not far from our studio, we are able to cut down on traveling time and gas. 2ndly, because I know the room really well, I was to minimize the amount of equipment needed for the room without compromising on the quality of work. 3rdly, We verbally agreed that they was a possibility that we could setup on Friday night, it made it really flexible for my staff and I. Lastly, you and your then Fi kept asking/begging for a discount, you gave the story of how you have friends/family all getting married. and you would them refereed to me.....I took it with a grain of salt but still gave u the benefit of the doubt! I still have faith in humanity....I recall, jokingly said you have huge rock on your finger....That is my wit and sense of humor...=)

Your wedding was middle of Summer, after multiple emails, onsite visit, and phone calls. We were still unable to come to an agreement. I did email to withdraw our services from your wedding because we had multiple requests for your date. In my line of business, we are basically a free agent until we get a signed contract and deposit. I would think in any line of business, you want to make yourself available to the highest bidder....unless a contract is signed. Once a contract is signed and received, you fulfill the contract.

The contract stipulated cash because our agreement that came with the discount (3% fee associated with CC or Paypal transaction) and it was due 5 days before your event. I don't see why I should drive to Burbank. My office is in Arcadia. I would think meeting 1/2 way is fair. BTW, distance from SG to Burbank is +/- 20 miles. I use to live in Burbank, off Olive & Verdugo. "Stubbornly, according to you."! I am not your maid, landscaper or plumber...why should I make home or office visit!

Now this portion, I don't remember all the detail. I might be 1/2 hour late, or have thought our meeting was the day after. In fact, I
might have waited inside the hotel for you. I recall the CPK is right next to Westin....$10 is a big deal???? I gave you a significant discount and you still make $10 an issue. I would think in life and business in general, you bend a little but don't take advantage of another person's hospitality. On your wedding date, we still gave you more pinlights than what your paid for.....most Lighting & Florists do that. It comes with the territory!

On the contract, I do have a request for a hot meal for my technician. I dont see what is wrong with have a crew fed some hot soup or hot bread. After a long day of work. Something hot does sooth the soul. We always leave 1 technician onsite for any last minute changes . if anything need to be dimmer to turned off during the course of the night. It is standard policy...

Now what is disturbing. What I put on FB is suppose to be for my friends or so on. If you got this information from a 3rd party then let it be. Furthermore, I don't even think it was aim at you because I wasn't there for your meal. We setup and I took off....I don't know what you fed my tech. I did have a soda when I came back after 10Pm to wait to strike down....

I dj and I have to admit. I still get excited when we do a location that feed us an awesome meal. After many years in the industry, I still get butterflies and still get excited. I would think, if you feed your vendors good. Most of them would have more energy and go above beyond.... I don't see why you would take offense to me postin Prime Rib. I djed that night at Summit House (11/14) at my friend's wedding! 2 things I get stoked about: Korean BBQ & Prime Rib...Some people eat to live, I live to eat. That explains my

The last portion of your remark...It is your opinion and let it be!

Lastly, I am actually happy you took your time and left me this feedback. 9 positive feedbacks and 1 bad. My staff and I are not perfect...There is always room for improvement. I am contend with a 9/10 positive feedbacks and 6 endorsements....

BTW, here is clip of your setup:

We received many Pasadena Westin clients over the last 12 months. Many were impressed by the quality of the work we did at your event. What is ironic, is one of your guests contacted us to dj/lighting for her wedding for 2/19 (Esther) at Pasadena Westin. We are already booked for that date and forward it to Conrad (your dj)....If you did refer us that gig, thank you but I'm baffled....

Best with everything...