Oct 30, 2014

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My dress inspirations....

Fancy that..... Fancy NY

say yes to the dress photo 1say yes to the dress photo 2say yes to the dress photo 3

Available @ www.unique-vintage.com


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ok, ok!!! you all post your babies up here, well i live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, so we have "fin-babies" instead!!! lol

Our Fin Babies photo 1

Our Fin Babies photo 2

Our Fin Babies photo 3

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let them eat CAKE photo 1

let them eat CAKE photo 2

let them eat CAKE photo 3 Pin-up themed groom's cake

 let them eat CAKE photo 4

i'm DIYing our cake topper out of these little dolls. they belonged to my grandmother who passed away august 6th 2009. i found them while cleaning out her apartment and just knew. it felt like she kept them just for me, i cried my eyes out, and then my cousin informed me of Granny's quest... to get all those dolls from the happy meals!! lol i can't remember the name of the collection, doesn't matter, they're perfect! so i'm searching for a little motorcycle for them, and an arch of some sort, i'll keep ya posted.
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postcards photo 1

we would like to try to use as many motorcycle postcards, from as many places as possible in our wedding!

old or new, near or far.
you can find them on trips or honeymoons, at harley dealerships, or funny vintage shops, we welcome all motorcycle themed postcards. :)

you can include a message to dustin & i & mail them to

Dustin & Kelly Murdie
200 Rigi Ave #3
Syracuse NY 13206

thanks in advance ladies!!!

**special thanks to ajbevents85 for the fabulous idea, & the very first of many postcards we hope to recieve!!!


postcards photo 2

postcards photo 3

postcards photo 4

vintage postcard wedding place cards



**don't forget our wedding is October 3rd so all postcards are needed before then to make the wedding, but feel free to drop us a line anytime! :)


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i'm leaving this page in tact, mostly for brides who want to use this venue & becuse hell, we booked it for the 3rd, no refunds, you know we gotta throw a party there! lol

We are gettin hitched at the gorgeous Pratts falls park lodge~ Camp Brockway

i share a venue with the lovely Future.Mrs.Lom

The Venue photo 1


there was a wedding at my venue this weekend, also the future mrs. lom will be getting hitched there next weekend! yay!!! so i thought i should share this love!!!

TECEventDesign's Photos - Linnea and Kyle's Wedding

Photo 4 of 8   Back to Album · TECEventDesign's Photos · TECEventDesign's Profile

The Venue photo 2

The Venue photo 3

 The Venue photo 4The Venue photo 5 

congrats to Linnea and Kyle! & what a beautiful weddding!


Genevieve Fridley Photography


The Venue photo 8


here it is decorated for someone elses wedding or something. i think it's beautiful & rustic.

these are the tables un decorated.... i think i might leave them uncovered? i know... NO LINENS!!! some of you are probably losin it.

The Venue photo 9

but.... there are some things i'm not fond of....

The Venue photo 10

(sorry these pictures are  so dark, found it on google? at picasa

loooooove this fireplace, but really.... who decided the fireplace needed white vents? they'll be covered by 2 large vases filled with painted curly willow.

also note the flouresent lighting, which we won't be using.

The Venue photo 11


this is the full kitchen. :)

ok.... here is what i really love... sigh....

The Venue photo 12

i plan to use all my lil diy jars with votives along the front here, maybe white fairy lights too?


The Venue photo 13

The Venue photo 14 Photos by
Belongs to

Perferctly inspiring: this is the look i'm hoping i can achieve with the lighting, minus the chandeliers

Reception pic
Project wedding

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futuremrshanika made us the most amazing monogram ever!!!! she's gooood!!!! :)


unfortunately as we've changed our dat this monogram is no longer relevant, but we will just be changing the date when we have a new one put into place! :)

futuremrshanika Monogram photo 1


she made exactly what we had in mind & i'd literally only told her our names, date, colors & theme!!!