Jun 07, 2008

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Wow, here I go. I am a newly engaged bride-to-be to the most perfect man for me. He has been my best friend since we were fifteen years old, and sometime about five years ago...something changed. We absolutely fell head over heals with each other. It goes so much deeper than that fact that we stayed interested in the same things as time went on (tattoos became both our individual obsessions, though I like to admit that I was his inspiration for finding a good artist). We are a strange and very abnormal couple and don't mind it a bit. I'll start posting pictures of the two of us soon. I can't wait to write more on the background of our lives together...I mean, seven years of solid friendship with nothing more suddenly blooming into love....I have so much to share and I hope I can inspire others with my words. That's all for now, more tomorrow!!