Jun 27, 2009

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   Accesories and inspiration photo 1  my invites, alittle hard to see but you get the idea.....


Accesories and inspiration photo 2My garter,  gotta keep with the theme right ????

 I have shells everywhere.  I should do a poll and have guests guess how many total and have a prize lol :)


                                            Accesories and inspiration photo 3

I may buy this set for my girls not sure yet but its an option... On a scale of 10 its an 8 1/2 for me...


Accesories and inspiration photo 4                           Accesories and inspiration photo 5

I love this set......



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                              My Dream Come True photo 1


I am getting married June 27, 2009 on this yacht boat out of Long Island, New York and I cant wait. Having lots of fun planning!!!!!     Isnt it perrtttyyyy??

My Dream Come True photo 2

This is the dining room/first floor on the boat (2nd floor has smaller tables and another bar and dance floor and the third is the upper deck area, the music and announcments are filtered throughout with their surround sound speakers.

My Dream Come True photo 3                   My Dream Come True photo 4

I am having 5 Bridesmaids and two junior bridesmaids.. The groomsmen will wear tan suits with white shirts, no tie...

                                   My bridesmaids dresses and Junior Bridesmaid dresses:

                                             My Dream Come True photo 5My Dream Come True photo 6

                                                   Suit color I like.............

                                                     My Dream Come True photo 7

My dress that I love so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Demetrios 2008 :>

                                            My Dream Come True photo 8

My bouquet on the left, and bouqet on right is a bigger version of the bridesmaids bouqets... Gonna add white calla lillys to both.

                      My Dream Come True photo 9            My Dream Come True photo 10

         Our favors, Salt Water Taffy Satchels, going to tie a ribbon/thank you piece around the handle..

                                              My Dream Come True photo 11


My Dream Come True photo 12

                                                                    My Dream Come True photo 13

love these limo choices for bridal party and me and my dad, although didnt make a decision yet.....

 Love this company got my DJ and steel drums players from them!!       My Dream Come True photo 14

I want to wear my hair like this with my viel the same too... Its scary cause I look like her alittle too only brown and not red hair ..... 

                     My Dream Come True photo 15          hair pin  i luv.... My Dream Come True photo 16

We are cutting out alot of traditional wedding things from the actual wedding so we can have more time to party.  Not throwing the bouqet or the garter or anything like that really... Just the dances.

Sorry no pics of me or the man yet my camera is in storage and this laptop has no pics stored :(

How we met..

I worked for his mom for 4 years before we met.  His mom loved me and wanted "to take me home"  to meet her son.  I just laughed it off, cause what are the odds it would work.  I would probably have ended up on the unemployment line if it didnt, lol...

His dad called me one day and invited me to his mom's surprise 50th birthday party, which I wasnt going to go to cause I had a cold, but I went anyway.  I met her son and he was a hottie, polite and we had so much more in common then we even knew at that time...That was a Friday, on Monday we went to dinner and hung out ever since.  We dated for two and half years and then moved in together.  On our third anniversary he proposed.  Now we are planning and having a great time with each other.  I cant imagine being without him. 

Our plan......

After the wedding our next mission is a house/condo in the suburbs and two bulldogs... An english and a victorian.....No kids for a while though, we have to enjoy us first :)  Lots of traveling too, maybe hot sandy beaches.. Who knows.. All I know for sure is that I am in love with my best friend and can not wait to marry him. 

                                        My Dream Come True photo 17