Jul 19, 2008

carol sheridan photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Carol is my very favorite photographer. I have done at least 4 photo shoots with her: 1) publicity shots for my website (www.jannajacoby.com) 2) publicity for a music group I perform with 3) boudior photos (my boyfriend asked me to marry him this year...I wonder if it was the boudior shots that made his mind up???) 4) family portraits. In each of these photo shoots her success rate of "useable" photos has always been far higher than any other photographer I've ever worked with. In the old days when you used to shoot a roll of film, you would hope for one or two good pictures out of a roll. When Carol does your photos you will have about 20-25 photos per roll of film that are beautiful and useable. She has a stunning eye, a fresh viewpoint, creativity and mostly instinct and intuition that she was obviously born with. You will have so many choices of great photos when Carol does your photos. She is also very experienced in working with the labs to get outstanding prints. She knows how to instruct them to achieve beautiful quality at a reasonable price. I can't speak highly enough about all four of my photo shoots with Carol. You will love your photos!
Services used: Photography, Unique Services