Sep 05, 2010

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So we just completed our engagement shoot.  We did them on at 8am and still it was hot as hades!  Oh well, we got some real keepers in the bunch and I am very happy about that.


Engagement Pictures photo 1Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5Engagement Pictures photo 6

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I never posted these,  but take a look.  They are about 1/2 DIY and 1/2 printed.  Ladies I used Vistaprint for all printing and then went to staples to cut everything down.  I also got a hge discount with Papersource for the pocketfolds.  Check them for their discontinued and clearance items.  Lastly, I used envelopperinc for the seals, bellybands, labels.  I did not glue.  I bought thouse with adhesive already on them.  Very easy!

Doubletrouble designs designed everything.  A real pleasure and very cheap to work with.  I got the $150 package which gave me the invitation and about 5 other things AND 3 monograms.

Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2Invitations photo 3Invitations photo 4Invitations photo 5

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FI landed last night from London.  He told me that he was not able to get the ring in time for this trip.  I was stewing.  I was happy to see him, but also so upset because I had been waiting so long for my engagement ring.  Lo and behold...he was just lying.  I love my new ring.  I got a set and will purchase an eternity band after the wedding.  Sorry about the ashy fingers.

Got my ring photo 1Got my ring photo 2Got my ring photo 3

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Just wanted to post a picture of my STDs.  DoubleTrouble Designs designed them and I got them dirt cheap on Vistaprint.  They are magnets.  Hope you like!  It reads like a mastercard commercial:




You at our wedding PRICELESS

Save the date magnets

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So I picked and ordered our Hostess dresses.  I think that they will look pretty with my color scheme.  I also think that they are the most figure flattering.  I think that they are very pretty.  Hopefully, my girls will not look like big blue bulbs :-)

Hostess Dresses photo 1

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So I guess this is really about to be set in stone.  I used Double Trouble Designs.  They are awesome.  I got a package from them to design quite a few things for me.  I am printing via Vistaprint.  We are going to ordering them as magnets.  As soon as I get them back I will post photos.  I cannot say enough about Double Trouble Designs.  Their work is wonderful.