May 14, 2011

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OHH im loving it all put together!  TABLE MOCK UP photo 1

                  TABLE MOCK UP photo 2

      TABLE MOCK UP photo 3TABLE MOCK UP photo 4

              TABLE MOCK UP photo 5                                             TABLE MOCK UP photo 6

                                        TABLE MOCK UP photo 7


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       Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2Flowers photo 3Flowers photo 4Flowers photo 5Flowers photo 6Flowers photo 7

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Silk                                              Flowers photo 8                                                                              Flowers photo 9Flowers photo 10

                                                         Mine with my mums cameo attached

                                                   Flowers photo 11Mine

                                                           Flowers photo 12BM & FG

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Im just in the early stages of planning - It going to be a Pink tea party!


Bridal shower planning photo 1Banner for the shower.

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I was minding my own business walking past a Opshop in the city, Some thing little ad cute caught my eye... Here they are - all for a shiny gold $2 coin.

Im going to take of the coloured flowers and replace them with our wedding colours to sit in the rear window of the car.


Look at what I found photo 1Look at what I found photo 2

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We are on a budget, $6000 doesnt usually include splashing out on banners, printed personal items unless done ourselves on the computer!

But THANK YOU vista print for all the AWESOME items to make our day special.

Everything on this page was FREE just postage paid -which roughly ended up around $60.00

I LOVEEEE Vistaprint photo 1I LOVEEEE Vistaprint photo 2

1.something metre  x 92cm banner                          car decal for the wedding car


I LOVEEEE Vistaprint photo 3I LOVEEEE Vistaprint photo 4

50 save the date magnets                                        100 sender label stickers

I LOVEEEE Vistaprint photo 5I LOVEEEE Vistaprint photo 6

Front                                                                   Back



100 postcards for messsages on the tables

I LOVEEEE Vistaprint photo 7

250 - please send us your photo cards


I LOVEEEE Vistaprint photo 8this is our signing pen - We really wanted it in a B&W damask but this really the only one we liked and at the end of the day noone but us will know about the pen anyway - at least its kinda gold and burgundish!


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DRESS photo 1

This is the style I was after except more princess.... This is what I found

DRESS photo 2DRESS photo 3DRESS photo 4DRESS photo 5DRESS photo 6