Apr 30, 2010

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We finally decided on a venue (21 days out) but It's done. I love that it has a rustic feel AND it's very private. We have an entire floor of the restaurant to ourselves. :) It's nice and roomy yet cozy for my lunch reception of 25 guests.

Reception Venue photo 1Reception Venue photo 2

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I got my e-ring today ladies!!! D and I have been engaged for a while already.  We spent 10 months e-ring shopping and I finally made a decision a little of a month ago. We walked into the store and I spotted it almost immediately.  I wasn't sure when or where I would get it... but it's finally on my finger! We have 24 days left until we marry and I'm so excited. I did a bootleg version of "ring porn" from my point and shoot. :) Hope you all enjoy!!!

Bling A Ring photo 1Bling A Ring photo 2


Bling A Ring photo 3Bling A Ring photo 4


Bling A Ring photo 5Bling A Ring photo 6


                                     Bling A Ring photo 7

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So I ordered some very cute monogrammed slippers to wear on the Day of and some love plates for the dessert table. I'm so excited all my stuff is coming in the mail!!!!! 4 more weeks to go!

Slippers and stuff photo 1                         Slippers and stuff photo 2

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I finally got my dress. It seems like when the pressure is on... the dress search is not a draining because you pretty much know, "I've gotta stop bullshitting." I chose a short, white dress that still looks "weddingy" to me, but isn't so formal that I look crazy at the courthouse.  What do you guys think?


                          Bought my dress photo 1Bought my dress photo 2


oh, and those are my shoes too :)

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okay. so I bet I haven't updated everyone.. so here goes....

I have a new date!

April 30, 2010

Yes, that is just a little over a month away!! Surprised? Well, I think it's for the better this way. We still plan to have a big wedding reception next year....but this is for us. I never envisioned that I would have a "courthouse" or "city hall" wedding, but in reality it's not about where you say your's about the union. And I couldn't be happier to marry my BFF in just a few short weeks. It's coming so fast!!! 


FI and I still plan to have our big dream wedding next year though. We are basically doing it now because if you haven't already heard... D.C. legalized gay marriage. Therefore, we are going to get this "offer" while it's hot. In California a couple of years ago, they legalized it and then they overturned it a few short months later. So many people were devastated in the middle of their planning to find out that it was no longer legal. This will NOT happen to us. We are very excited... to say.... I DO.



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                                                     Wedding Day Scent photo 1

                                                                        My Absolute Fav!