Oct 09, 2010

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So I just finished my first round of favor boxes. I got 90 done and 100 more to go!!! They were a total PIA, because the boxes are too glossy and won't take to ANY stamping ink, therefore me, a BM, and mom, had to use a light sandpaper to sand off the gloss on the box, then stamp them. Correction: I stamped them when they left. I got some custom stamps made to match my stationary and to say "thank you" in Italian. I'm soooo glad I'm halfway done!! Thank god!

OMG DIY Favor Boxes photo 1

Me in the process...that's a whole lotta boxes! :)

OMG DIY Favor Boxes photo 2

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So I decided to put those Michael's invitations to use and used the "invitation" 5x7 piece and printed table numbers in Italian, then matted them on white card stock and added 3 silver beads to dress them up. I bought the silver picture frame easels from the Dollar Tree. I LOVE the way they turned out! They go up to number 22. First DIY Table numbers photo 1First DIY Table numbers photo 2

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Hair, Short


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THE DRESS photo 1

OMG? It's GORG! right?! Don't you just love the back! I'm getting it in ivory lace, and putting a trumpet slip under it so it flows out at the bottom. NEVER thought I wanted "sleeves" or lace! But it's true what they say, "You never know if you like it until you put it on"....Also, I'm doing a chapel length ivory veil for the ceremony (once again, never thought I wanted that either), and for the reception going to get an ivory flower/rhinestone/feather hair clip. LOVES!

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These were the invites, I was going to get them printed out for me (printer could not print the RSVP cards) , a lady at work who has BEAUTIFUL handwriting was going to address them, and I'm going to be using all of the coordinating place cards and wedding programs...I think!...Well plans changed after figuring out these were too much of a hassle! I ended up having to keep a box of these, so I will be using the stationary for other stuff. I went to the professional for my invitations and it was worth every penny!

Invitations photo 1

So here they are and  I am in LOVE with them!!

Invitations photo 2Invitations photo 3

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The beginning:

How it all began...It was my freshman year of high school and Anthony was in one of my classes, I can't quite recall this, but he does ;) About the middle of my sophomore year I started hanging out with some of his friends...we became friends, went to movies together, he gave me rides, etc. Then one daaaaayyyyy, we were at his friends house, and we kissed! He immediately left the room! I was like WTF?? He said he couldn't "believe he kissed" in like a "OMG, you're like my dream girl kinda way" haha kinda cute!

The middle:

We were together for 4 1/2 years after that moment! :)

The end:

I decided to go away for college and after my first semester decided that it wasn't going to work, so we broke up.

The NEW beginning (3 1/2 years later):

I was in town for Christmas and saw him out at a bar. We began talking and I went to his house after ;) The next day was the day after Christmas and we hung out all day, and then the next day again, then the next day I went back home to Chicago...meanwhile totally confessing our "long lost love for eachother" :)

The engagement:

About 8 months later I moved back to Rockford and we moved in together, on Christmas ( a special day for us), he proposed to me in front of our Christmas tree, on one knee, while I was sitting there with morning breath, glasses and in a robe!! If he could want to marry me looking like that, then I knew he was for real haha j/k!

I was soooo surprised! I cried, etc, etc, ....And later that day went to my family's house for Christmas and showed off my ring!

The drama:

After about 2 weeks after being engaged, we were hanging out with some "married couples" and one of the girls had the SAME exact ring as mine! (Pure coincidence bought at 2 different locations in 2 different years!) It took me a while to muster up the courage to explain to Anthony that I really wanted something special that not one of our friends have! After some arguments he took my ring back and exchanged it for a single solitaire diamond that I LOVE! I know, "everyone" has that kind of ring too but STILL!! haha

The wedding:

Our colors are black and white with touches of damask, my dress is ivory lace, trumpet style with a cut out back, GORGEOUS! The BM's are wearing black satin dresses of all different styles bought at David's Bridal and the groomsmen are wearing all black tuxes, while the groom wears all black with an ivory tie. There's obviously a lot more details to post! And also alot more questions to ask!