Jun 18, 2011

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My maid of honor did a AMAZING JOB with all the details of my bachelorette Party she went over and beyond and all the wonderful ladies that helped her out as well. I have amazing friends and family who all helped to make this night a unforgettable night for me. My sister had me leave the house since the morning so I was out of the loop on everything that was going.

My dinning room got turned into a Burlesque stage :) 

Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 1

My little Vanity set with some HOT looking men to stare at :) 

Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 2

My beautiful cake with some adorable little cupcakes with bustiers and some jello shots in the bottom :) 

Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 3

My tablecloth was the black rosettes I love and my centerpieces where corsets with beautiful red flowers and black feathers around it candles and pictures of SMOKING HOT Men the party favorite was all adorable panties 

Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 4

My party couldn't be missing of a HOT Bartender 

Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 5

All the lovely ladies and missing a bunch more too :) the ones in red are the bridesmaids only half of them though 

Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 6

My Burlesque show has begun :) 

Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 7

My wonderful friends and mother 

Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 8


Burlesque theme Bachelorette Party photo 9

Thank you all once again who helped make this night as such special one for me :) Everything was so beautiful so much fun 

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After much looking around I think I have found the vibe of my wedding. I want something modern but at the same time something elegant. After much looking I am in love with this style of wedding and I am set to make it look as much as this as possible. I am looking around to find stuff that look like this. I have a great friend Jose who sells Ochids and I am going to be doing some good business. If you girls need any flowers in Orange County contact me he is really good and gets good deals.This is what I have in mind.

New Ideas photo 1New Ideas photo 2

New Ideas photo 3New Ideas photo 4

New Ideas photo 5

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After 4 years of dating and kind of knowing that it was going to happen sometime but frankly never though it was going to happen when it did. Seriously now I think and its like HOW DID I NOT KNOW LOL but he asked me if it was something I wanted to be a surprise and of course I said yes! Even though we had gone to see rings a couple times I got very nervous just thinking about having a ring. I remember the first time we went and what I felt, ( my hands were super sweaty) It actually didn't happen the way he had originally had planed. In December 2009 we had a big birthday party for my grandmother at my house, everyone was having a great time drinks, music, fun time. When I saw Benny speaking to my dad never though anything of it since they get along pretty well. I didn't know that he was asking for my hand. My dad of course said yes and got happy and excited and told my mother which btw already had a couple of tequila in her :) and decided to make an announcement saying Benny had just asked for my hand! OMG I wanted to DIE! Poor Benny didn't have the ring yet nothing was ready but like the great gentlemen he is still got on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of my WHOLE family and I am talking about a good 60 people. The actual plan was that we were going to go to San Francisco for my birthday in 3 weeks and he was going to do it there with all my friends and sisters but since it didn't go as planed he still did it on my birthday but just at a party him and my sister planned. Ha I must say that even though I was a assuming it was going to happen that day since it was the original plan but tried to not think of it to much so I can at least be a little surprised. Around 11 the party is going great and then I hear a song that is in Spanish that is called ALEJANDRA (my name) played and then quickly stopped. Sort of confused by it and see that everyone is acting a bit weird. After like 30 minutes goes by I just continue to have a good time and see Benny walking in with a cake and my ring on it he then asked me again if I would married to him :) and of course said YES TO HIM! Once all that happened I found out why the music stopped Benny had gotten a beautiful cake and when he was entering the house and put his hand in his jacket to get the ring out and put it on the cake. HE DROPPED IT LOL since it was so late had to run to the nearest Denny's to buy a whatever cake and my sister just added some flowers from outside to make it look so what decent haha.I AM IN LOVE WITH MY RING! My cousin actually had emailed it to me and I feel in love, and she told Benny and he bought it... THANK YOU MEL :)  So I have two different pictures of the proposal LOL one with family and the other one with my friends. He knows how much they all mean to me. 


Proposal photo 1Proposal photo 2

Proposal photo 3 THE GRAND FINALLY! Awww I am so happy!

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Benny and I meet a little over 5 years ago. We like most people meet threw mutual friends. At the time he had a friend that was my manager. I worked for a local restaurant. And of course Benny and his other friends would always go in and eat, always wanted to sit in my section. We live in Orange County where at the time there wasn't many Spanish night clubs so we would always run into each other there we would talk, dance have some drinks. We started to really get to know each other and though why not to give Benny a chance. We started dating and we are now recently engaged after some tough times we have never stopped loving and being there for one another and that is hard to find now and days. We enjoy the same things and we both value family alot. When I am with him I feel like a little girl just happy and giggly. I am very excited to be starting a new stage in my life with a man like him by my side who I know will love me and respect me for as long as we both live and of course I will do all that as well. With love, faith and respect I think anything is possible. Its funny how life is never did either of us think we would be where we are. Another thing that only made him so much more special to me was that he never has judged me for been a single mother on the other hand has always respected and admire me, which to me means so much. He knows what my son Andy is to me and I would do anything for him. 

Benny and Ale photo 1Benny and Ale photo 2

Benny and Ale photo 3Benny and Ale photo 4

The two men I love the most plus by daddy of course! That is my son Andy I love him very much! This was at Universal Studios and at a Laker game :)