Nov 06, 2010

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On a hot hot hot July day in 2009 we were at his parents cottage enjoying our friends and fam and of course the water sports we both LOVE so much, a fun filled morning/afternoon with everyone flew past and it was all of a sudden well past lunch time. We decided to make the trip in for some food, refueling. Once back on dry land everyone decided to bow out "I need to get home" "ive got laundry to do" "weve got a long ride ahead of us" and so on until no one was left but the family...confused so to why everyone would leave on such a gorgeous day i decided i was taking advantage and headed back out onto the dock to tan myself..his sister and mom followed and we settled in for a nice chat. about 5 minutes later he was there asking if i wanted to go for a boat ride, and of course my answer was "mmm not really, I dont feel like it right now" (LOL) he walked away telling me to think about it cause a crusie would b e nice...I thought nothing of it and delved back into my chat with mom and sis...10 minutes later and he was back again asking me to go with him for a cruise, his mom and sister encouraging all they way..minutes later with the promise of Frozen Yogurt (they have the BEST there!) I had agreed to go on the curise, we left the doc and started on our journey, we puttered all over the lake before he told me to go sit in the front of the boat (because it was warmer.. :) ) so I did, and he stopped the motor in the middle of the lake. I wondering why this was all happening just sat there relaxing, when all of a sudden he stood up took off his hat and shades and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! He then told me to move my leggs and he popped out the cup holder in the front of the boat, right there sitting on the bottom of the boat was my ring! A STUNNING custom designed masterpiece, I didnt know what to say, so I said "You wanna marry me?" haha he laughed and said yes and asked me again and of course i said yes yes yes, he had his iPod cued up with a romantic playlist, and we floated about (i creid a bit) and reveled in what had just happened. 10 minutes or so past and he asks me if im ready to go back, i OF COURSE reply no, so we wait another 10 or so and then decide we should head back. As we are just about to reach the cottage he says "theres one more thing..." and we turn the bend and there are screaming people on the dock, my mom dad siblings his parents and siblings and my best friend in the world are standing there screaming and yelling at us!! He had planned the proposal and a party afterwards (with help from our mommies of course) PHEW what a day..not soon to be forgotten! **Sigh*

The Bling..what a good job he did!!

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Yes yes all you skeptics out there its possible, and YES there are normal people online :) We met on lavalife almost 5 years sister (god love her) decided to put me online as a "joke" she had been on and thought it was my turn. Deciding n ot to tell me she created my profile and then called me at my place to tell me what shed done the day before. I was in shock to say the least but decided to pop on and see what she had done, I figured that since I was already up and runnin g id take a chance and make it my own...that was August 2005, I added my own little bits about who I was, a better picture of myself and out into the world of cyber dating i went!! Logged off for the night and forgot about it for a few day s. We were together the next time i decided to log on, sifting through the smiles etc i had recieved, there was one email in my in box...and there he was!! Super cute wakeboarding guy, holding a picture of a little puppy...whos now our big chocolate lab. The man of my dreams (who knew!) unsure of what to do i responded that he was cute too and we began out courtship. i was nervous about who was online so i was veery skeptical and moved incredibly slow, needless to say our first face to face da te didnt happen until October, after that there was no looking back!

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