Nov 06, 2010

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Wedding Day Family photo 1Wedding Day Family photo 2Wedding Day Family photo 3Wedding Day Family photo 4Wedding Day Family photo 5Wedding Day Family photo 6Wedding Day Family photo 7Wedding Day Family photo 8Wedding Day Family photo 9Wedding Day Family photo 10Wedding Day Family photo 11Wedding Day Family photo 12

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Bride Groom and Beyond photo 6Bride Groom and Beyond photo 2Bride Groom and Beyond photo 3Bride Groom and Beyond photo 5Bride Groom and Beyond photo 7Bride Groom and Beyond photo 1Bride Groom and Beyond photo 4Bride Groom and Beyond photo 8Bride Groom and Beyond photo 9

My Groomie..... I mean HUSBAND!!

Seeing me come down the aisle...

Saying our vows!!!

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THE DRESS!! IM sooooooooooooo in love!

Wedding Day Details photo 1Wedding Day Details photo 2Wedding Day Details photo 3


Wedding Day Details photo 4Wedding Day Details photo 5


Wedding Day Details photo 6Wedding Day Details photo 7Wedding Day Details photo 8


Wedding Day Details photo 9Wedding Day Details photo 10Wedding Day Details photo 11

My Mrs Zip up

Wedding Day Details photo 12Wedding Day Details photo 13

All the fabulous extras!

Wedding Day Details photo 14Wedding Day Details photo 15Wedding Day Details photo 16Wedding Day Details photo 17Wedding Day Details photo 18Wedding Day Details photo 19Wedding Day Details photo 20Wedding Day Details photo 21

Wedding Day Details photo 22


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Thanks to inspiration from plumcrush FI and I decided to get the guest  book quilt, i think its just the lovliest idea ever!

Well its here and we could not be more thrilled.

Ordered from the You*nique Boutique!

Here she is! We also ordered the fabric pens from them.

Guest Book Quilt photo 1

We used our monogram in the centre designed by our one and only goingtobegeoff (:D)

Guest Book Quilt photo 2

Guest Book Quilt photo 3

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My Big Sistas dress is here!! and it fits her perfectly!

I just had to share cause I think she looks so pretty!

Sista Attire photo 1

Back..which I LOVE

Sista Attire photo 2

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I couldnt for the life of me decide what to get our parents..we decided to make them a photo book, but that would be after the wedding so we wouldnt be able to give that to them at the rehearsal, and Fi and i both really wanted to give them a little something...anways, THESE are what we came up with...

I made them myself at a store called Crock a Doodle where you make your own pottery stuff and they glaze and blow it! I have some pieces of my own and love it.

The Saying says...

When Children Find True Love

Parents Find True Joy.

Heres To Your Joy and Ours

From This Day Forward.


for My Parents

Gifts for the Mommies and the Daddies photo 1

For his Parents

Gifts for the Mommies and the Daddies photo 2

NOTE these arent blown or glazed but I was so excited with how they turned out..i had to share. :D

update to follow soon!