Nov 06, 2010

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Our Napkins arrived and they are so cute!

We are using them during the cocktail hour for our apps and if there are any left they will be put out at 9 with the candy buffet!

NAPKINS photo 1

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We decided to opt out of the traditional looking card box for something that was inexpensive and that could be used again.

Heres what we found from HomeSense for 19.99 cad

Card Box photo 1Card Box photo 2

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Here are our DIY wine tasting vouchers, using the cricut and our printer this is what we came up with..FI and his sis helping out!

They were so easy.

The part thats still missing are the voucher tags (cut outs of wine glasses) that they will have to hand over to the winery to get their tasting.


DIY Wine Tasting Experience Vouchers photo 1DIY Wine Tasting Experience Vouchers photo 2DIY Wine Tasting Experience Vouchers photo 3

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We decided to get the kids their own favors rather than them getting wine stoppers and jam :)

The bags all did up!

Here are our kiddie bags.

Inside they get

  1. Box of Cracker Jacks
  2. Silly Straw
  3. Glow sticks
  4. Home made coloring book (with coloring sheets of each child and Bride and Groom)
  5. Crayons
  6. Girls - Neclaces
  7. Boys - Bug robot thingmys
  8. Bubble Gum

I went with the red bags to go with our colors..SO happy with how they turned out!

SO for my 3 little gals here is their main favor.

They are neclaces of them! There is this lady in Toronto that makes them 12 each and the neclace is 925 slilver.

Kiddle Favors photo 1Kiddle Favors photo 2Kiddle Favors photo 3

We are also giving them silly straws, jelly bellys cracker jacks and bubble gum...more to come probably, i cant seem to help myself!

 Kiddle Favors photo 4Kiddle Favors photo 5

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Its here!!! And so lovely! I decided it needed its own photo shoot.

Here is MY band...FI's is on the way.

 Wedding Band photo shoot photo 1Wedding Band photo shoot photo 2

Rings together!!!!!!!! Squeee!

Wedding Band photo shoot photo 3Wedding Band photo shoot photo 4Wedding Band photo shoot photo 5Wedding Band photo shoot photo 6Wedding Band photo shoot photo 7Wedding Band photo shoot photo 8

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I fell in love with these..and debated and debated and then I decided...the heck with it, I really want them, lets just get em!

SO here they are:

Vintage Silverware Bride Groom Mr Mrs Cake Forks Wedding Reception