Nov 06, 2010

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FI and I are so extremely lucky to have happy loving families. There is no divorce on either side, our parents and grandparents are all happily together and married celebrating between 30 and 61 years and all the dates inbetween. Because of this we decided to tell them just how much they mean to us and just how inspiring their love really is.

I have put together what im calling our "inspiration table" that will be set up (and decorated) in the reception area right by the bar so no one misses it.

Here are some early shots ive been taking of the photos in frames.

OH its a suprise too for them all. Ive been sneaking about getting all their pics.

Your Love is our inspiration photo 1

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Here are my DIY Coffee Can Lanterns!

DIY Coffee Can Lanterns photo 1DIY Coffee Can Lanterns photo 2DIY Coffee Can Lanterns photo 3DIY Coffee Can Lanterns photo 4DIY Coffee Can Lanterns photo 5DIY Coffee Can Lanterns photo 6DIY Coffee Can Lanterns photo 7DIY Coffee Can Lanterns photo 8

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In true PW style I decided to jazz up the bland old hangers and customize for my gals!

DIY Wedding Party Hangers photo 1DIY Wedding Party Hangers photo 2DIY Wedding Party Hangers photo 3DIY Wedding Party Hangers photo 4DIY Wedding Party Hangers photo 5

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Here is how the came out for the wedding. Perfect!

I decided to DIY our table numbers. I wanted to figure out how to use our epics in different ways and corks!

So how I did it......

Photo Portion

1) Chose the photos i wanted out of 269 images :)

2) Went into photo shop and added numbers to the top left or right of each photo, in coordinating colors

3) Put onto USB and went to photo store... got images printed on 4x6 double sided thick photo paper

My DIY Table Numbers photo 1

Cork Stand Portion

1) Organize your corks on the table, and create piles of 9.

2) Using a hot glue gun start by gluing each cork in the middle and push them together creating the base. Base should be 4 wide. Continue gluing, moving onto the 2nd level. Use glue on the bottom and centre and press together, same with the top.

TIP* for the 2 top ones make sure that they fit together at the top without much of a gap so you can slide the table number inbetween.

My DIY Table Numbers photo 2My DIY Table Numbers photo 3My DIY Table Numbers photo 4

My DIY Table Numbers photo 5My DIY Table Numbers photo 6

The Finished product...*sidenote..we tried out 2 different sizes but liked the smaller one.

My DIY Table Numbers photo 7My DIY Table Numbers photo 8

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We decided to have a monogram made for a few different uses...our mailing labels, our guest book, our floor gobo etc.

SO the fabulous GoingtobeGeoff designed these for us!



Our final decision was to go with this one...but honestly I love them ALL!!!


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We finally chose our best man and groomsman outfits. They are going to look sensational!

Our entire wedding party is in Navy blue FI in Brown and im in ivory/gold!!!!!!!! Yeek!

Here are a few pics of the guys trying things on!

Here come the men in Blue LOL photo 1

Here come the men in Blue LOL photo 2

Here come the men in Blue LOL photo 3