Nov 06, 2010

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Candy Buffet Time!
Ive been on the hunt at all my fav vintage shops for cute dishes that are also inexpensive that we can use for our buffet!

Heres what ive got so far!

MMMM Candy Hello Lover photo 1MMMM Candy Hello Lover photo 2We are using take out containers (this one isnt mine) and will have a little sign.

Our little IKEA frames (.99!!!)  for the buffet...probably just going to say...Love is Sweet!

Ribbons to tie around the vases

The LIST...decisions decisions!!! really how do you pick a few


Chocolate covered sponge taffy

chocolate covered cherries


Jelly belly - Pear, Raspberry


Mike and Ike


Kettle corn! (drool) * update Cinnamon kettle Corn (SOOOOOOO GOOD)

thats all at the moment!


MMMM Candy Hello Lover photo 3MMMM Candy Hello Lover photo 5MMMM Candy Hello Lover photo 6MMMM Candy Hello Lover photo 7

Slowly we are collecting food for the buffet!

Heres our almonds Costco 1 bag $9.89

Mint Patties 1 box $10.99

Biscotti 1 box $6.78


Im SO excited to report that our buffet is coming along so well! All the candy has arrived...ive goo goned the glass containers, labels are being made, decorative rose petals purchased, little scoops purchased and arrived.

I just HAVE to share some of my prep pics!

Hope you like them so far!

The Candies

Our list includes:

  1. Chocolate covered Almonds
  2. Chocolate covered rasins
  3. Whoppers
  4. Reeses Pieces
  5. Cherry Blasters
  6. M&M's
  7. Sweedish Berries
  8. Fuzzy Peaches
  9. Coke Bottles
  10. Salt Water taffy
  11. Jelly Belly Pear
  12. Jelly Belly Raspberry
  13. Old Fashioned Candy sticks in Sassafras (LOL love the name)
  14. and Kettle corn

The OH so cute black and white...ribbon reads "Calli & Tim Love is Sweet"

Cant wait to put it all together on our big day!!

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I couldnt resist an entry just for my man.

Our Best Man (who really is a great man!) is planning a vegas trip for the FI as a suprise for the bachelor party! Which i am so excited for him about. They leave in about a week for 5 days. BM has so many things planned, a golf trip, VIP access to clubs, appointment at a shooting range, and a VIP car rental and drive about in the desert! AMAZING. Honestly who knew men were this organized!...all in the name of Vegas I guess! WOOT.

They are baaack! and in 5 days the slept 13 hours..TOTAL.

Hey when in Vegas right?

A few pics of my love..and his boys...LOL BestMan and an M&M LOL..and yum!

VEGAS BABY photo 1VEGAS BABY photo 2VEGAS BABY photo 3VEGAS BABY photo 4VEGAS BABY photo 5

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We visited the sleepy little village of Jordan Ontario on May 30th for our e session with Stec Photographers.

Planning for this shoot was SOOO much fun! We love the 40's and wanted to incoroprate it into our wedding somehow, what better way than the e session!

I had a vintage dress made (Blue dress) by ACT Vintage in Bowmanville On (Thanks Ashley!) and she did an INCREDIBLE job.

We had 3 looks one modern and 2 vintage outfits.

FI and I LOOOVE them!

E Session photo 1E Session photo 2E Session photo 3E Session photo 4E Session photo 5E Session photo 6E Session photo 7


Ladies....What do you think?!

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Music is such a big part of our life. We love music all every form.

No surprise but out DJ is one of the best in our area and as such one of the the most $. To US its worth it 200%!


"Our" song has been for a long time Carrie Underwood’s Inside your Heaven. SO that was our 1st though for our wedding song. We want to make it a special song and our moment so we have created quite the list from TV, Radio and those music stations on our Rogers.


Here are our other options for 1st Dance songs UPDATE!!! None of these were quite right for us we are going to go with Carrie Underwood - look at me ( I LOVE this song and its just under 4 min which makes fi veeeery happy lol)


You Make it Real by James Morrison

Follow Through by Gavin DeGraw

You're my Inspiration by Chicago (such a powerful song)

The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel

Completely by Jennifer Day




For me there has only been one option for myself to walk down the aisle.  - Pachebels Canon in D Major

For the ladies. and ring bearer we are thinking - Air on the G String – Bach

No real ideas for the time when we are signing the register OR when we exit? Any good ones you want to share?


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I want to make this day as special as can be, and of course I have 2 of the specialist ladies in my whole world as my MOH and BM. So I want everything to have little special touches for them. Im going to make little charms for their boquets and then have a neclace with a clasp that it can be added to later on that they can wear after the day is over.

So far I've just got their initals, they are Gold with little clear crystals, I'm thinking ill get some cute little charms, like a little high heel for the MOH and a Peace sign for my BM...Im also putting one together for FG.

More to come on this one!


THEY ARE DONE! here they are

This one is for my MOH and Bestest Friend ever! She is in love with Paris and shoes..well lets just say her and i speak the same language.

For My Ladies photo 1

For my FSIL and very good friend, shes more sporty and i dont know why but she loves peace

For My Ladies photo 2

for my darling neice a little purse and a butterfly(see far left)

For My Ladies photo 3

The day after the wedding we are going to change them from boquet charms to key chains!! using these!


For My Ladies photo 4

For My Ladies photo 5For My Ladies photo 6

BM is all about peace and nature etc so i have this charm..For My Ladies photo 7

MOH is a shoe slut...not unlike myself so this one was so perfect!

For My Ladies photo 8

and for my little diva....

For My Ladies photo 9

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FI and I have decided that we are going to add a little special surprise for our guests in-between the ceremony and reception. Kinda a bomboniere for them.

We are going to have a little custom 'voucher' on each seat at the ceremony and it will let them know that the Bride and Groom are sending them on a Wine Experience at Peller Estates winery immediatley following the ceremony.

A little something special photo 1A little something special photo 2A little something special photo 3A little something special photo 4

We did our trial run a few weekends ago its gonna be sooo good.

They will be taken over to the winery in a vintage trolly, and will go into the barrel cellar and have a tasting of Red, White and an Ice Wine, and then be transported back to the Pillar and Post for the cocktail, hors Dourves hour.

Le excited, they decorate it with ribbons and bows in our colors, and will have a congratulations!! sign on it for us.

 A little something special photo 5


Vino Menu

Starting with a Seasonal Red Blend (Delish!). moving into a White (Vidal, Reisling ect) and finishing with a Late harvest icewine.