Nov 06, 2010

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Our neice (my sisters daughter) whos 8 going on 35 :) is our flower girl.

We found this dress...kinda has a feel like mine in the back.

Look how cute she is. Shes gonna wear the same navy color as the BM's cause shes my little lady and of course she doesnt want to look like a baby..Shes a flowergirl/Junior Bridesmaid deal.

Flower Girl photo 1

Her trying them on (shown in Brown)

Flower Girl photo 2Flower Girl photo 3

What a little lady!

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I love this dress!

It is ABSOLUTLEY nothing like I thought i wanted and everything I love..yep that doesnt make sense but its true. I imagined myself in a cupcake dress as my sister calls it..Lots of Puff and silky shiny fabric..i had SOOOO many cut outs. I tried on so many dresses like that, and then there was this baby. Grabbed it on a whim thinking I wanted to make sure i tried on everything before making my decision..and from the moment I put it on, I felt IT. The whole youll just know when you find it thing..yuppers that was me for sure.

Here it is...on a model whos bony and has makeup me no likey..and its not the right color showing in white/silver, I actually ordered it in Ivory/Gold...sigh I CANT wait for it to come in!! Hurry up dress i miss you!


THE Dress photo 1THE Dress photo 2THE Dress photo 3

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Ive definatley decided to pull my hair up and off of my shoulders....lll still have the side look but it will just give my dress the chance to shine like it should and show off every fabulous part of it!!

Ive also found the prettiest hair comb from Bitter Sweet for the side somewhere. So Happy!

Hair DO photo 1

Hair DO photo 10Hair DO photo 11


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This was/is something my FI is very passionate about (as am I), we love photos always with a camera snappin' away.

Our search began for the perfect people to take our of the most important things too us. (You cant imagine the horror stories weve heard about bad photogs) Annyways.

I found Pete and Debbie Stec (Stec Photographers) on a site featuring the best of the best in the NOTL region (Swish list)

We took a look at their work and quite honestly instantly felt like the others we had seen didnt know what they were doing. Tim was really interested but his #2 thing about the photog we ended up with was that we had a connection to them. Hes not the most comfortable infront of the lense...more behind it. So we needed to meet them to be sure.

Stec Photographers work out of Jordan Ontario, where they have their studio and home. We arrived for our meeting which was scheduled for 45 min or so to meet and see what they were like and what they had to offer.....3 1/2 hours later after lunch and drinks, meeting their 1 yr old sun...Pete and Deb are married we were IN LOVE with them! They showed us all the equipment they use (which mostly was lost on me) Tim Loooved this of course, we were sold. And in my opinion one of the best things they told us was that ALL of pictures would br ready for us 1 WEEK...ONE week! after our wedding, because they didnt like to make their couples wait. Good Golly! Friends of ours have waited 6, 8 or 10 months to get theirs back. Yeeee.

Their Site..  IF you are getting married in the Niagara Area (or anywhere) check them out.

E-Session coming soon!! (Scheduled for May 2010) Wheeee!


Our E Session was May 30th! I gave it its own section ESession a few below!

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I adore shoes, I am the ShoeGal. So of course I started off dreaming of Manolos, Christian Louboutin, or Jimmy choo the list could go on and on, for our wedding day. My dress is ivory and gold so I instantly thought super sparkly shiny gold was what i wanted.

MOTB and I ventured out to Yorkdale, where these types of shoes are sold and tried on every shoe I could imagine in ALL the designers I loved. But nothing felt or fit right, and I was second guessing EVERYTHING...buying the shoes proved to be harder than the dress!! LOL ...feeling discouraged we decided to hit Browns to see what they had, and I saw these beauties and instantly fell in love..I hadnt seen them before or any shoes that looked like them either. The heel was tall enough but not suicidal! *sigh* i heart

 Shooooes photo 1Shooooes photo 2

MORE shoes.

I decided I should have a pair of fantastic flats also just incase my tootsies got tired. We went back to Yorkdale and to Michael Kors and found these puppies, super sweet and SUPER comfy!


Shooooes photo 3

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We have chosen Willow Cake and Pastries as our cake "lady" 

Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 1

Pastry chef Catherine O'Donnell (whom I LOVE) will be designing our cake based on ideas we bring to her.

UPDATE** Flavors chosen!!

Top = Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting

Middle = Tripple Chocolate Fudge

Bottom = White Chocolate and Raspberry Mouse

My Idea so far, Ivory cake with chocolate brown flowers..

This one is our #1 that we like. Im thinking not dots though and having the swirls in the same ivory color.

Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 2 LOOK at THOSE ROSES!! Aren't they incredible??!! They are 100% chocolate, they sculpt them out of blocks of chocolate until they look like that. I am SO eating one!

More cakes we likey. See the swirlies? I like:)Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 3

Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 4Cake Yum Yummy Yum photo 5

We went to do a tasting last weekend...can I just say YUM. We have 2 more trials to go, another reason why I love her. We decided on the bottom layer, her signature White Chocolate Raspberry Mouse cake..TO DIE FOR. But havent narrowed our other 2 layers just yet. I adore that we get to pick from ANY cake type and flavor we want, cheesecake, sponge, mouse..anything at all! We are thinking Amaretto cheesecake *drool and Chocolate Fudge Toblerone..who knows! More to come..... 

*Update. we have chosen our bottom and largest layer. White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse!!! YUM! Its the bakerys signature dessert and its amazingly yumy!! Not 100% on the others yet but the cheesecake when we did our first tasting was out of this world!