Nov 06, 2010

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My Mommy is going to be sooo lovely on our wedding day. She found an amazing dress at Laura.

MWAH xooxxo

My Momma photo 1

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** Update!

So my #1 choice looked not so great on the gals :( oh well but #2 looked FAB! They are going with #2 but colors have changed too. Going with Cayman Blue (Navy)

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 1


We started out looking in September just went to stores and tried loads of dresses on, just needed to see what looked good on who etc. I fell in love with 2 dresses from the Jasmine collection L3001 and B2078 (, im thinking Blue or Brown for their dresses, going with all deep colors for the wedding.

My #1 pretty i cant wait for my ladies to try this one on! (seen in espresso)

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 2

My #2 (our #1 fav having not seen the #1) also Espresso

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 3

My ladies are gorgeous and will no doubt look fantastic in anything they decide, im leaving the final decisions up to them, they'll pick from the 2 above dresses in either Espresso or Cayman Blue.

Trying on dresses!

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 4Bridesmaid Dresses photo 5Bridesmaid Dresses photo 6Bridesmaid Dresses photo 7

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So we have signed on with the incredible floral designers of Vintage Design Company, out of Jordan Ontario. Their lead designer and owner Jennifer is taking care of our special day. What an incredible lady she is! SO SOoo talented and creative they are going to do both the flowers we all cary/wear and the Event design. She totally "got" us from the moment we went to meet her at her house. VDC are fantastic, I'd highly reccomend!

We are going with a scheme called "Passion" which includes colors like; Crimson, Merlot, and raspberry, accented with chocolate and midnight black. LOOOVE IT!

Heres their site


Ideas for boquets and our centre pieces!

Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2

** UPDATE We have decided to wo with the tall centrepieces with the hand blown glass as a base and an arrangement on the top with a large chocolate brown pillar candle. Guests will then be able to take home the top of the centrepiece, hand blown bases are rental.


Brides Boquet!                                 Bridesmaids Boquet

Wedding Day Details photo 9Wedding Day Details photo 10Wedding Day Details photo 11

   Ceremony Florals                                                                          and me OHSO Nervous! LOL

Reception Florals/Centerpieces

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  • 1 Comment we all are, in action!

Wedding Party Shots photo 7

For us small is best. We have 99 guests so we thought we'd keep it simple and meaningful.

Maid of Honor - Olivia (BFFFE! In Black)

For my Bestest I wanted to ask her in a special way, she loves clown tea roses, so i went to the store and bought a boquet with a rose for each month she would be my MOH. I have a key to her house so I "broke" in and set everything up, i had a cd with our fav songs on it playing and roses with little notes from me saying how much she meant to me, she has to follow the rose trail until she made her way into the living room where i was. I wrote her a letter asking her officically to be my MOH and gave her Swarovski earrings. It was a really special moment for us..(I'll have to find some pics to post)

Wedding Party photo 1Wedding Party photo 2Wedding Party photo 3

Bridesmaid - Holly (future sister in law)

I wanted it to be special how we asked our Bridal party to be involved in the day (or year). Holly a HUGE fan of the amazing race so we did an amazing race type deal for her. She started out having to complete a puzzle and then had to find a series of clues and at some spots do an activity, each stop she went to had an envelope with a puzzle piece in it, when she got back from her travels her last task was to put together the puzzle (see below) and then she got her prize. Swarovski earrings for the wedding etc. She LOVED every minute.

Wedding Party photo 4Wedding Party photo 5Wedding Party photo 6Wedding Party photo 7Wedding Party photo 8

Flowergirl - Lauren (Neice)

 We took the kids out to their favourite restaurant (Swiss Chalet..very original i know) and had goodlies waiting on the table when they arrived.

Wedding Party photo 9Wedding Party photo 10

Best Man - Andrew (FI's BF)

They boys have a Tuesday night date..have had it loong before I came along and I love that they still get together, they go out and pay pool have drinks and dinner, so thats where Tim asked him, it was casual, laidback and very them.

Wedding Party photo 11Wedding Party photo 12

Groomsman - Patrick (my little sweet)

Wedding Party photo 13

Ring Bearer - Joshua (Nephew)

Wedding Party photo 14

Sister is going to Emcee the night!

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It's Booked, It's Booked! Pillar and Post Inn Niagara-on-the-Lake. November 6th 2010.

It's official!! Yeek. We are getting married at the amazing Pillar and Post, in Niagara-on-the Lake, Ontario.

Venue Booked Booked 11 06 10 photo 1

Both Ceremony and Reception will be at this location, different rooms.

Ceremony will be in The Gallery on the 2nd floor, this is the old cannery they used to make fruit preserves here....looong ago. FUN!

Venue Booked Booked 11 06 10 photo 2

Reception will be in the Upper Canada Hall and Reception in the Regent Room, both spaces are so beautiful I immediatley fell in love, they go so well with our old world feel.

Venue Booked Booked 11 06 10 photo 3Venue Booked Booked 11 06 10 photo 4


OUR Chef!!

Venue Booked Booked 11 06 10 photo 5

Venue Booked Booked 11 06 10 photo 6The FABulous hotsprings all our guests will be able to enjoy!

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Our Wonderful wonderful parents threw us the best engagement party ever in September of 2009. They had about 80 of our friends and family come out and all we needed to do was show up and look good.

It was held at the Renaissance Toronto Hotel Downtown, which is attached to the Skydome! We had the room with windows looking directly onto the field (where the U2 concert was being set up for! woot) The whole evening was amazing, they had signature drinks made up and Bride and Groom glasses (mine had a veil) they planned a slideshow for the 2 of us, you know the my baby pictures your baby pictures..upto all our dating memories and our enagagement! It was such an amazing evening!

We love love love everyone who came and made our day extra special.

Engagement Party photo 1Engagement Party photo 2Engagement Party photo 3Engagement Party photo 4Engagement Party photo 5