Sep 05, 2010

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I guess it's now my time to do my wedding recap. I tried to do it during the week. Twice actually. But DH would get mad & throw a fit like a kid whose candy was taken from him, so I had to stop & entertain him. Ahh... the perils of being on a honeymoon & being married. lol.

So I'll start with the day before recap. You can find that here

After I was done Pdubbing on the morning of the wedding, I did exactly as I said I was going to do. I jumped on the beds & woke up each and every BM. I'm not big on sleeping in & I'll be damned if I was going to let my BMs get any beauty sleep. I was paying the MUA good money to accent their already stunning beauty and sleep is for the weak. ((; It was my wedding day & I was going to do what I wanted & what I wanted to do was irritate them. [insert evil cackle laugh.] I left the hotel & went to get bagels, fruit, & stuff for mimosas while all my BMs started the shower rotations. 7 girls + 1 bathroom = shower chaos & no toilet paper or Kleenex. Haha. 

The MUA arrived at 9 am & started to set up her beautification products. The hairstylists showed around 9:30am & turned on their hair magic stuff. My girls were becoming my very own little human dolls right before my very eyes!! All I wanted to do at that point was sit them around a table & have a tea party like I used to do with my dolls. My BMs didn't think that was too funny, nor did they want to participate in my idea. They poured more mimosas instead. My kinda girls!

Around 10am I took my bestie & my baby sis with me & we proceeded to walk to the venue to unload all the decor. Much to my disappointed all the doors we tried to open were locked. I finally found the catering manager & asked her to open the room so we could unload. She told me I couldn't put my stuff in the room because there was a rehearsal going on in it. EXCUSE ME?! Are you freakin' serious?? A rehearsal in my reception rooms on the day of my wedding? This is a joke, right?? W hen's Ashton going to pop out from behind some closed door & tell me I'm being punked?? Yeah, that didn't happen. She was serious. So we unloaded everything into the hallway & I told her I'd be back at 1:30pm & that my room better be open so I could start to set up my cake/ cupcakes. 

My mom showed around 1:30pm with the cake & cupcakes & with the help of my mom, my sis, one of me BMs, & my amazing coordinator, we set everything up for the cake & cupcake tables. The photogs shot a lot of pics of me setting up my own cake & were blown away that my mom & I did it all ourselves. They kept saying "I've never seen a bride do this much for her own wedding, let alone ON her wedding day!" It was very rewarding & humbling to hear that. I was finally sta rting to be proud of my hard work.

As soon as the cake/ cupcakes were done, I ran back to the room to start my beautification. MIL showed around 3pm & said that the boys had arrived & that FIL was there too. I asked her to bring FIL to my room so I could meet him prior to becoming his DIL. He was the sweetest, most Texan man I'd ever met. All my BMs fell in love with his accent. He hung around for a few, chatted with us girls, & then left to go get ready. It was very surreal at that point. It was starting to set i n that it was actually MY WEDDING. 

Makeup ran longer than expected because 1/2 way through I realized I needed to pluck my eyebrows. Just a little something I forgot to do during the madness. Who thinks about that stuff when there's a cake to decorate & cupcakes to set up? Not this girl, obviously. DH was about to be greeted by Chewbaca. Poor, poor, DH. After the eyebrow plucking went down, we grabbed our dresses & headed over to the venue in our robes & flip flops. I still wasn't feeling like a bride. I was so calm it wasn't even funny. Everyone kept asking "why aren't you freaking out? what's wrong with you?!" I guess they thought I had some sort of mental disorder because I was so laid back. But in my mind, I knew why I was so calm. It was because I was about to marry my best friend. Nothing has/had ever felt more right in my life.

My oh-so-on-top-of-her-ish coordinator had everything lined & everyone in their places exactly on schedule. The ceremony was a bit of a blur. It was hot. There was no mic, so we were practically screaming our vows at each other. What a way to start a marriage. Already raising our voices. I don't think anyone heard them, which sucked because mine were not only hysterical, they were clearly better than his. ((; Haha. We were soon pronounced, we kissed, everyone cheered, & it was over just like that. We took fam pics, very few bridal party shots because I was getting irritated with BIL & his stupid rocker gang signs he continued to do, then some husband & wifey shots, & then it was time to be announced into the reception.

Then it started. THE DRAMA! The Bestman, also known as DH's POS 1/2 brother, staggered out of the reception room, spilling beer everywhere & acting like a jackass. I snatched the beer our of his hand so fast, his drunk ass didn't even realize it was gone. I tore him a new a-hole & told him he was cut off for the rest of the night. DH said to him "don't f*** this up for us!" To which POS BIL replied "F*** you guys!" & stormed out. I immediately called the venue's security & ha d him kicked out, apparently not before he threw some trashcans & knocked over some cocktail tables. They stuck him in a taxi & he was on his way home before he could blink an eye. Luckily, the only people who witnessed the disaster was the bridal party.

We weren't about to let that ruin our night though. We stuck 2 BMs with 1 GMs & were right on our way into the reception room. I did forget to bustle my dress due to the POS BIL drama & had to pick up the train during the 1st dance. People were laughing. I was almost crying because I was laughing so hard. My bustle tore sometime during the night. One of wife's of a fireman tied my dress in a knot near the end of the night. It was pretty funny. My dad's speech was incredible. He called me a SERIF. Everyone said how beautiful it was. We danced. We mingled. There was a HUGE line at the cupcake bar. I presented my bouquet to my bestie & made everyone cry. I told them how she had survived cancer twice and was only 26 & everyone cheered & clapped for her. We danced more. I managed to convince 15 ladies to take home the centerpieces. And then I ended the night with the worst migraine EVER. We went to bed around 1am & I woke up sick to my stomach at 6:30am because of the migraine. I almost threw up when we were boarding the plane because of it. Great way to start the honeymoon, but whatever....



And here are some non-pro teaser to hold ya'll over until I can stalk more guests for pics.

I guess it s photo 2251019-1

Yup. That's me, sitting on the stage, eating cake, while all the guests are dancing. I was hungry. Fat kids LOVE cake. Especially this fat kid! ((:

I guess it s photo 2251019-2

BM I've known for 16 yrs. My older bro's ex gf. Pretty sure they're getting back together when she moves back to LA from NY in a month. YEAH!! ((:


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Courtesy of Brian Baker Photography.

♥ Pro Pic Teasers ♥ photo 1   ♥ Pro Pic Teasers ♥ photo 2

♥ Pro Pic Teasers ♥ photo 3

Courtesy of Jennifer Beal Photography







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My bridal shower was unforgettable. One of my BMs planned the whole thing while living on the other side of the country! I'll admit, my faith in her planning was lacking because she is a busy, BUSY, BUSY girl! She's always on the go. Works long days. And do I need to mention again that she was on the other side of the country?? But everything came together and it was a wonderful day! Everyone still raves about the homemade Mexican Food.

Theme: Senoritas & Margaritas

Place: My parents backyard

What we did: drank margaritas, beergaritas, ate homemade Mexi food, played some games, opened some gifts, then devoured some cupcakes & cookies!

Appetizer & Dessert table:                                          Dining Area #1:

Senoritas Margaritas photo 1   Senoritas Margaritas photo 2

Dining Area #2:                                                              Margarita Bar:

Senoritas Margaritas photo 3   Senoritas Margaritas photo 4

The ever so famous TP dress game:

Senoritas Margaritas photo 5   Senoritas Margaritas photo 6

 Senoritas Margaritas photo 7   Senoritas Margaritas photo 8  

 Senoritas Margaritas photo 9   Senoritas Margaritas photo 10

The Winner:

Senoritas Margaritas photo 11   Senoritas Margaritas photo 12

The apron won the BEST GIFT prize:     My BMs, minus 1:

Senoritas Margaritas photo 13   Senoritas Margaritas photo 14


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In true Pdub fashion... here is my sign off...


First, let me take a moment to just say......

IT'S MY EFFING TURRRRRRNNN!!! ((: <~~ koolaid grin

Okay, now that that is out of the way, I'll start my attempt at a sappy letter.

My Dearest P-dub Ladies,

I figured I should do this now because 1. I have a lot of work I don't want to be doing, so what better thing to put it off for than my signing off message? 2. I'm slightly hungover from last night's date night with the bestie, so being emotional may come easier since I'm not in my normal frame of mind. And 3. I figure I might get a few responses to my sign off, so I can respond to each person throughout the day and get to my 4th carat before the wedding. It feels good to have attainable goa ls. lol.

So without furter ado...

I'm not good at these sappy, heartfelt, sob fests. I rarely cry. I hardly express my emotions. I'm completely sarcastic at the most inappropriate times [if you read my vows, you'd see this at it's greatest point]. And I really rather tell people to pound sand than to befriend them. Life is just easier that way. Yes, I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well. But after I came out of the lurking wood works and started to become more active on the boards, I met some of the most a mazing women I've ever come in contact with. This is the honest to God truth. No facetious undertones in that statement.

I've always been a planner. I get it from my dad. My world is filled with itineraries. Color-coded itineraries. Spreadsheets. Lots and lots of spreadsheets. And piles. Messy piles of papers, magazines, boxes, etc. Piles of crap. EVERYWHERE. I don't know who I get that bad habit from. I thought I could be the wedding planner, coordinator, baker, seamstress, florist, DIY extraordinaire for this wedding. Holy wow, was I wrong. After 1 month of attempting a DIY cupcake tower, I gave up and said "EFF THIS! I'll pay someone to do this for me."

And then I found PW... and my life... it was complete.

You know that moment when you see a bright light, and the angels start to appear, and they're humming some sort of Heavenly tune... like "Ahhhh AHHHHHH!!!"??

That's how I felt when I found PW. You awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful [yes, you can click on all those words and find more synonyms for amazing from] PW ladies have been a God send.

I've been inspired by each of you. Amazed by each of you. Slightly jealous at times of each of you. And most of all, my life has been touched in one way or another by each of you. I've grown as a person, a friend, an e-friend, and as a fiance because of the things that go on here in our own little best kept secret internet world. And I look forward to continuing to grow as a wife and eventually a mother with each of you incredible ladies. 

Now's the time when I should insert my shout outs to the girls that have been the biggest inspirations, but I'm not going to do that. Mainly because when I see other people do it and then notice my name isn't on their list, I start to tear up. J/K. I'm not doing it because all of you have helped me along during this crazy time. From reading my vents, politely inserting an "LOL" to my not so funny and most likely inappropriate jokes, backing up my decisions to say rude things to crappy friends/ bridesmaids, praying for sick friends and family, giving honest and true opinions on ideas, to just plain being awesome, each of you have made some impact on my life.

There is no other group of girls I'd rather waste my day away with than all of you. I thank you all from the bottom of this stone cold lump of coal that used to be a heart.

With all that sappy stuff being said... I'm setting sail to the Mrs's side of things. I'll be popping in throughout the day today to say some more hello's and goodbye's and inappropriate things. And I'll show my face on Friday and Saturday to post some pics of the cake and cupcakes I'm making. And I probably really won't ever "sign off" because I'm addicted and I don't want to go into withdrawals from not getting some PW time. Getting the shakes and then passing out at my wedding wouldn't look good. So yeah, I'll be the bride with her phone in her hand at the alter, P-dubing while getting married because she has to fuel her addiction.

Ok, enough already. I need to STFU. I'm now typing just to type.

Aight! I'm outta here...

Love, peace, and chicken grease!

♥ Shenanigans


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Welcome friends, family, P-dubbers, non-P-dubbers, lurkers, stalkers, bridezillas, groomzillas, Godzilla, and all the other types of "zillas" that wedding planning produces.

Here I will rant, rave, bitch, whine, moan, cry, throw temper tantrums, let out high pitched, earpiercing screams, stomp my feet, and eventually brag as we partake in this rollercoaster ride, otherwise known as wedding planning!!


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We weren't going to do a monogram. We wanted something different. Something more US. But as I started to design what was US, I became more & more envious of a monogram. It's so simple, yet complicated [I say this because I tried to design my own & failed]. So after many, MANY, MANY trial & error attempts, I decided it was worth it to pay someone to do it for me. While blog stalking all you fellow PWers, I found an amazingly talented & easy to work with girl. Sarah from Signatures by Sarah is a God send. Literally, her work is awesome & she is so fast & efficient. She sent me 3 proofs & asked for feedback. I loved all 3. I didn't need to give feedback, except for "Thank You! We LOVE them all!!".

So now the unveiling of the one we are going with:

Monogram Envy photo 1

I HIGHLY recommend Sarah for your monogram needs!!