Sep 05, 2010

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All this wedding planning is slowly turning me into a stress case... so I'm going to insert a pic that always makes me giggle. I took this pic back in '07 & currently have it in a picture frame on my desk at work. Anytime I am annoyed with co-workers, bosses, people, life, etc. I look at the pic & I'm instantly in a good mood! ((:

So here it is... from my "happy place" to yours...

Makin me C R A Z Y photo 1

I hope none of our wedding guests look like this after the reception! LOL ((:

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If any of you fellow brides [& grooms] are looking for an awesome photographer in the SoCal area... look no further! He does beautiful work.

Check out his site: Brian Baker Photography

This pic is by far my FAV pic. Brian is soooo freakin' talented!!

Our Photographer photo 1

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Here they are!!

Courtesy of:  Brian Baker Photography

Epic E pics photo 1  Epic E pics photo 4  Epic E pics photo 2  Epic E pics photo 3  Epic E pics photo 15

Epic E pics photo 5  Epic E pics photo 6  Epic E pics photo 13


Epic E pics photo 7   Epic E pics photo 8

Epic E pics photo 9  Epic E pics photo 10  Epic E pics photo 11   

Epic E pics photo 16  Epic E pics photo 17  Epic E pics photo 19

Epic E pics photo 14 

Epic E pics photo 18  Epic E pics photo 21

Epic E pics photo 22  Epic E pics photo 23 

Epic E pics photo 20  Epic E pics photo 24   Epic E pics photo 25


Epic E pics photo 26   Epic E pics photo 27


Epic E pics photo 28  Epic E pics photo 29  Epic E pics photo 30

Yeah... no idea he was doing this...

Epic E pics photo 12




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So here it is... the REAL bling... the engagment ring!! (:

♦The REAL bling BLING♦ photo 1♦The REAL bling BLING♦ photo 2

We purchased it from Icing on the Ring, located in the Jewelry District in DT LA. The people that work there are extremely nice & helpful. We came out of there with a GORGEOUS 1.62 cushion cut center stone w/ awesome cut, color, clarity, & any other "C" word used to describe a diamond [I'm sure Matt had a few "C" words he wanted to call me after our shopping (-:], for a VERY reasonable price.

[Here is the website for the store: Icing on the Ring]

♦The REAL bling BLING♦ photo 3     ♦The REAL bling BLING♦ photo 4    

♦The REAL bling BLING♦ photo 5     ♦The REAL bling BLING♦ photo 6

♦The REAL bling BLING♦ photo 7


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We will be taking the plunge on September 5, 2010 @ The Sportsmen's Lodge Event Center in Studio City, CA. [Anyone looking for a venue in the LA area should really check out this place. It's gorgeous, inside and out. I'm not just saying that because my dad was the brains behind the remodel either. It really is beautiful.]

Theme: Old Hollywood Vintage


 ♦ The Wedding ♦ photo 6     ♦ The Wedding ♦ photo 7     ♦ The Wedding ♦ photo 8     ♦ The Wedding ♦ photo 9

[color swatches are from Dessy.]

[Here are some quick collages that got my ideas flowing. If I stole your pics and you want recognition... let me know. I'm happy to give credit where credit is due! P.S. I liked your pics!!]

♦ The Wedding ♦ photo 10♦ The Wedding ♦ photo 11


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Him and I: We both consider Moorpark our "hometown" since we've both spent the majority of our lives here. Although, we never met prior to being neighbors... probably because he's old.

Him: He's a fireman. He loves to surf & fish. He also loves to drive her nuts.

Her: She's a maniac. She loves to bake. She's a hot mess.

Together... they just work. She balances out his Type-A personality. He keeps her in line.

August 2009:                                            November 2009:


May 2010:                                             September 2010:




♥♥ How We Met ♥♥

We are a match made in TV history... think Everybody Loves Raymond meets Dawson's Creek. Matt purchased the house directly across the street from my parents [ok.. maybe a little caddy-corner... same dif] about a year prior to me making my big [and second] return back to my parental's house. He was married at the time he bought the house and I was living in San Diego. He had a house warming party when he first moved in and my mom practically forced me across the street when I came home for the weekend. Her exact words were "You are coming with us because it is a nice gesture to go say 'Hi' to the new neighbors!" I replied with something like "I don't even live here! They aren't my neighbors!" [cue smartass facial expression, followed by the stomping of the feet and folded arms like a 2 year old]. Needless to say, mother and father always get their way and I grudgingly walked my stubbon ass across the street with them. I said 'Hi' to the new neighbors, inhaled a few food items [if you know me, you know it took everything out of me not to eat 2 or 3 of every food item they had!] and then ran my happy ass back across the street so I could go see my friends, which is what I really came home for! That was the end of the neighbor encounter.



Fast forward about a year to a year and 1/2 later...

I move back home from SD in April 2008. My mother then begins to continuously drop hints about the "really, really, REALLY nice boy that lives across the street" and how he was now divorced. I had no desire to start dating someone, as I was enjoying my "me time", but, as I said earlier, mother and father always get their way. Matt and I had a few run-ins on the neighborhood streets over the course of a couple weeks. Yeah, only a few... I know, weird right?! Since we do live across the street from each other! This is how the run-ins went... I was washing my car one evening after work and Matt comes outside and is fertalizing his yard. He yells across the street to me [yes, yelled, classy, right?!] "I got next!" to which I replied "I don't wash trucks!" I thought I was being equally witty with my retort, but apparently my response scared him off cuz he bolted back into his house faster than Tiger Woods was able to drive away from his wife! Come to find out later that he thought I yelled back "F**k off" so he decided I was rude and went inside.

Run-in #2:

Again, I was washing my car after work and my mom so willingly comes outside to "help" and by help I mean drop more hints about the boy across the street, she did no "helping" when it came to washing my car. In the middle of her "helping", Matt pulls out of his garage and drives passed our house. My mom waves to him like a 12 year old school girl [you'd think she had the crush] and yells "HIIIII!!!" to him. I had my back to his truck the whole time and was too embarrassed for my mom to turn around. I hurried to finish washing my car and ran inside, for fear of my mother embarrassing me further when he made his return to his house. Later that night I was walking my mom's dog to the mailbox and on my way back to the house, I see Matt's truck pull in the gate. I almost froze in my tracks, as my mom's embarrassing actions were still haunting me. His truck stops in the middle of the street, someone from inside the truck yells "HI!" [notice the yelling trend?! We're rude neighbors, apparently!]. The "HI!" is followed by laughter, strike that, its followed giggling like school girls, then his truck pulls into his garage at lightspeed. I stood on the sidewalk, rather confused, for a few moments, then said to myself "WTF?!" and walked inside. End run-in #2.

The next day my mom comes into my room after I get home from work and tells me "Matt's front door was open for a while last night and he was playing pool with some friends. You should have gone over there." Now, if you've ever been to my parent's house, you know damn well that you CANNOT see Matt's door from any window, or even from the front porch, for that matter. You have to walk out the front door, practically to the sidewalk to see his front door. So basically, my mom was full on spying on his house! [GO MOM!!]

So here is the part you've all been waiting for... the actual "meeting". The weekend after run-in #2 I decided that I was going to go say "Hi" before my mother had another chance to embarass me. So I called my BFF over [there is power in numbers, right?! RIGHT!] and walked across the street. I believe my exact words were "I figured I should come over and say 'Hi' before my mom comes over and embarasses me." Yes, I have an awesome way with words, I know! Those awesome words reeled him in ladies! He's been obsessed with me every since (-;



♥♥ The Proposal ♥♥


Well, the ring was of no surprise, as we had gone to the jewelry store and I picked it out, center stone and everything, and he put a down payment on it that day. The jeweler also said it would be 2 weeks before the ring would be ready... so like I said, no surprise what ring I was getting.

It was the actual proposal that was a surprise, which I ruined, because I'm so good at doing that!

Matt had planned a surprise weekend trip to San Francisco because I had been going on and on about how I REALLY wanted to go to The Chocolate F estival. I had a feeling he was up to something when he tells me "I need to take you to work because I need your car today because I'm taking mine in to get fixed." He NEVER drives me to work unless we are planning to go somewhere right after I get off work. Then he had my sister call me at work later that day, September 11th to be exact, and ask me "if you were to pack clothes for the weekend, what would you pack?" Clearly, this clued me in. My family is not good at keeping things a surprise [just ask my lil' bro about how he ruined the surprise trip to Boston I planned for Matt's birthday]. So I tell her exactly what to pack because by this time I am fully aware of what Matt had up his sleeve, well I was fully aware of the trip that is. You can't run your Tom Foolery games on me!! Matt ends up telling me before he picks me up that we are going to SF in a pissed off tone because I figured out what we were doing. We hop on a flight after I get off work and head to SF. We didn't get in and to the hotel until after 10pm, and we all know that I am an early to bed kind of person, so I was exhusted by this time and I just wanted to go to bed. I could tell Matt was irritated by my sleepy self, but at that point I didn't care! The bed looked so inviting! So we went to bed. The next moring [September 12th] we get up early, go get some food, then head out. Matt wanted to go to Coit Tower, since it is a Memorial to the SF Firemen and he is a fireman. We hiked up the steep hill and then paid the $5/ each to take the very old elevator up to the top to see the view. Matt stayed as far away from me as he could and I was becoming annoyed by the way he was acting. It was very out of character for him. We then take the old elevator back down and he says "let's go over here, I want to have someone take a pic of us with the SF bridge in the background." So he asks this lady to take our picture and I walk over to a good spot to stand. I line up for the pic and then he drops to one knee! The lady who was taking our pic starts to scream and calls everyone she is with over to witness. I couldn't even pay attention to Matt, as I was too busy laughing at the broad. I still can't remember exactly what he said because I was also interrupting him with "You got the ring EARLY!!" [he had told me earlier that week "Vic said it won't be ready for another week." to try and throw me off]. I still don't think I ever said "Yes!" to him...

So Matthew... if you're reading this... the answer is obviously "YESSSS!!!!"

You may ask yourself how I ruined the proposal... here it goes. Matt wanted to propose at Coit Tower on September 11th because of the ideas behind it:

Coit Tower = Firemen's Memorial

September 11th = we all know about that day

Matt = fireman

So I ruined it by going to sleep and making him do it on September 12th )': [tear!] I'm sorry hun... we can say it happened on September 11th if you want!!

Some visual aids: [Excuse the people doing the downward dog yoga pose in the background. lol.]