Dec 08, 2017

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When I was 14 and in high school my friends suggusted that I sign up to work in our local haunted house. I was really shy back then but decided that it would be fun. I never dreamed that I would soon lock eyes on my future man! It was a pretty embarrassing moment for me. I was caught staring at him and there was no recovery for my actions either. He came over to me and introduced himself. From that moment on we became very close friends. After 3 years of us dating other people in our group of friends we finally came to an opportunity where both of us were single. A long car ride and a chat later would change everything. We starting officially dating, though it felt like we already had a mature relationship. We were each other's best friend for such a long time. Helping and caring for each other even when we had relationships with others. We just couldn't be separated. It wasn't long into our relationship that we were blessed with news of a child. We were still very young and he was in college. Near the end of my pregnancy he proposed. That we would one day share the same family name. Time rolled on and and two years later we had a new addtion, a son. The birth of our son was a true reality check for us. There were complications that almost cost both my son's and my life. We were very blessed to overcome these and continue our family's journey. Months later we celebrated new jobs for both of us and a bright future. Life was good for several years. A six year span after my son we were surprised with news of yet another daughter. And again two years after.... our last daughter arrived. It seemed no matter how hard we tried to get ahead that there was always something working against us. Before my last daughter's second birthday the job market fell through. We both lost our "good" jobs and the planing process for recovery started. It was a long couple of years that past. But one day something clicked. We found ourselves with a new adventure. A new beginning. We moved and found a home we all fell in love with. A new job with lots of promise on the horizon. The only heartbreak was that his new job was almost four hours away. A long distance relationship was hard. Living the life of a single mom during the week was exhausting. At least we had the weekends when I managed to be home from work. We saved all that we could to fix and expand our new 200 year old home. At night we sometimes talked about what the lives of the past tentants were like and how we could remember them in our renovation ideas. We fell in love with the history of our town and knew that we wanted to incorporate history and the idea of families in our theme of a wedding. We knew we both wanted an autumn wedding and so the harvest theme came to life. A celebration of families and being thankful for our blessings. Living in a historic town also gave us an abundance of ideas and photo opportunities. The possibilities were endless and the adventure began....



After almost two years of a long distance relationship I am extremely happy to say that FI will be comming home to stay at the end of April 2012! I am so happy that we will be able to live as a family again!!!


UPDATE (2): 

Unfortunately being a parent means sacrifice.  I will never put myself before my four beautiful children. They are my life and they should always be my first concern.  This, however, means an extended wait for the wedding. We are now moving all plans to September 25, 2015. I have decided that this is my final date. If the wedding falls though then I will just move on and accept that I will never be a "MRS" and I will never share the family's surname. 

I guess only time will tell if we were truly meant to be "Husband and Wife".  On the bright side ... "Momma and Daddy" is an honour itself :)