Oct 30, 2010

Photography G
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I found Photography G on a listserve of Denver Wedding Photographers, and as soon as I visited the website, I was sold. It was after meeting Garrett, though, I knew we had found our guy. When we saw our pictures, we were blown away. I'm still blown away. He captured moments I didn't even know were happening. Tears and smiles, big huge laughs, and even a moment of intensity between two of our friends whose love affair is no longer a secret. The moments between my husband and me (genuine ones we shared but had no idea were being captured), our parents, and the wedding party are perfect. Our ceremony was pretty small, at Sapphire Point with great views, but the artistry and the way Garrett seemingly wasn't even there but seeing everything and getting it all on film, amazing! Even though we printed so few of them, I am grateful for the shots from the reception as proof that everyone has as much fun as we did. Garrett was brilliant, our photos captured everything anyone could want in their wedding mementos, and then some. I never cease to be amazed by the quality, the artistry, and how happy it makes me to see them.
Services used: Photography