Mar 27, 2010

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I am so lucky to have a talented daughter! She is in college getting a major in International Affairs, and she will have a minor in Arabic...so smart! She has always been talented with hair and just has that knack! Here is how we are going to do my hair for the day.My hair trial photo 1 Love it!!!

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Suzanne’ To Do List

Make seating cards

Make Menu cards

Get marriage license

Get Dave’s ring

Order flowers from Sam’s

Do mock up center piece again

Add tulle to Bride and Groom signs

Buy alcohol & jugs of bottled water, ice tea and coffee for day of event

Make up signature drink and figure out recipe for 50+ drinks plus non alcoholic version for children

Send note to Democracy regarding itinerary

Buy garland for trellis outside

Add ribbon to fans

Send final head count to Simply Gourmet

Buy 12oz clear cups for signature drink

Buy cocktail umbrellas

Price wet naps and consider them for each table

For day of event put large basket on table for cards

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Orange: Spontaneous and daring, brides who choose orange are bold. Because orange is a happy and trendy hue, orange enthusiasts tend to be popular, have excessive energy and are part of a large social circle. From a bright and happy backdrop to an exotic, spicy richness, brides who prefer orange tend to be fearless and curious, with a zest for life.


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My Ring photo 1

Playing around with a camera and a flower!