Aug 14, 2010

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- Pink organza bags with name tags (double up as place names!)

- Wedding trivia chocolates for the men, fairytale castle soaps for the ladies

The Favours photo 1 The Favours photo 2

The Favours photo 3 The Favours photo 4

The Favours photo 5 The Favours photo 6

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- I am wearing a cubic zirconia necklace with various shaped stones, and a drop in the middle. My grandparents bought it for my 21st birthday and it's gorgeous, the photo below really doesn't do it justice! Also, matching earrings and a diamante princess tiara!

Jewellery and Accessories photo 1

Jewellery and Accessories photo 2

- Semi-cathedral length two-layer veil with beading along the edge

Jewellery and Accessories photo 3

- Me holding the veil up - it was way too long so had it altered!

Jewellery and Accessories photo 4

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- White satin pointed shoes, with a twist detail at the front and a diamante buckle

- Approx. 2.5inch stiletto heel

- Not what I would normally go for (I usually hate pointed shoes and was adamant they had to be round-toe, but I tried these on just to see, and I loved them!)

                            The Shoes photo 1

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Centrepieces photo 1

- UPDATE: finally decided! Tall cylinder vases with white twigs with 'fluffies' (see above pic!), white and pink orchid stems, baby pink roses, white roses, pink calla lilies, crystal garlands, on round table mirrors with scattered table diamonds and tealights

- I will try to post a photo when I make a mock-up


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Invitations photo 1 Invitations photo 2

`````Invitations photo 3                   Invitations photo 4

Invitations photo 5          Invitations photo 6


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- I'm having 2 bridesmaids - my best friend Amanda, who I've known for 17 years, and Sarah, who I've known since she was a baby and was like my 'adopted' little sister (my mum's a childminder and looked after her for years)

- I'm also going to get their dresses from Milly Bridal, and they will be floor-length, baby pink dresses with straps, a scoop neckline and a sash around the waist. The skirt will be slightly flared and 'floaty', and the neckline will have scattered crystals

                      The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 1

- UPDATE: the bridesmaids' dresses are finished and they look PERFECT!

The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 2 The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 3 The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 4

The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 5 The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 6

The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 7

- Dresses are here and better than I imagined!

The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 8 The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 9

The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 10 The Bridesmaids Dresses photo 11