Mar 13, 2010

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Hi.  I am excited about my daughter's up-coming wedding.  Her name is Kate, and she is a beautiful, creative, and talented, and witty, and funny woman.  We love our future son-in-law, Colin.  We have 3 children:  Kate, Callie and John.

I am 50 years old, and have been married for 30 years.  I was married when I was 19.  My parents were married for 54 years, and my husbands' parents are still married after 53 years.

My wedding was a large, low-budget wedding.  My mom prepared the food, we made the bridesmaids' dresses, and my father-in-law married us.  My sister made the cake, and we had a friend arrange the flowers.  The reception was a luncheon after the service in the church fellowship hall.  It was a very sweet, and poignant day, and all the people we loved were there!  We didn't spend a lot on our wedding, because we couldn't  It was still a very wonderful and special day, which we will never forget.

Pet Peeve:  BRIDEZILLAS!  A wedding is as important to parents as it is to brides and grooms.  Be graceful, mature, and cheerful and you and your husband, and your guests will have great memories of your day. Nothing makes a bride uglier than ugly behavior!

I have let Kate take the reigns for most of the planning for this wedding.  We have now taken over so she can stop being hyper-involved and start to relax.  We really want her to enjoy the day, without worrying about minor details.  We even have a couple of surprises planned (which is really driving her crazy right now, but will make her happy on wedding day!).  I cried when we first saw Kate in her wedding gown.  It is sincerely her dream dress, and she looks like Grace Kelly in it.  I love classic beauty, and love the classic style of this gorgeous dream dress!  I know when Kate's daughters look at her wedding album, they will all think their Mama was a beautiful, picture perfect bride!

I hope all you young ladies can let go of some of the little stuff and let others take over, as I have.  I watch these wedding shows and some of the brides get so wound up and obsessed over silly stuff.  Truth be told, your wedding day is going to fly by, and you need to focus on the meaning of you commitment, and let other people handle the event/party aspect.