May 24, 2009

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Because my husband Jeff works so much, we didn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day and had to wait until Saturday night. He surprised me with a packed a suitcase and a beautiful hotel room in New York City so we could just relax and spend time together. As we opened the door to our room, I found a path of rose petals leading up to the bed which had a message written in the petals: “Will you marry me?” I was in shock and incredibly happy, but sad that our families would not be there to celebrate with us that night, something he knew was important to me. I called my parents in Boston to tell them the good news, knowing they were at an important benefit for my dad’s hospital in Boston that they had been telling me about for months. They congratulated us and told me they would celebrate with me soon. Jeff and I went to Bar Americain to celebrate, and as we walked in, I saw both of our families sitting at a table! I was SO happy! Even now I can’t stop smiling just thinking about it.