Oct 23, 2010

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I love fall. LOVE it. Before my fiance and I got engaged I told him he had to plan the timing of his proposal just right so we could have a fall wedding. Luckily he listened. We are going to have two difference centerpieces for our reception, a tall and a short. The tall will be a manzanita tree decorated with roses and crystals, with votive candles around it on the table. The short will be mini white pumpkins stuffed with candles sitting on a bed of fall leaves. Around every centerpiece will be three picture frames...one picture of my FI, one of me, and one of us together. The pictures will be from all different ages, no rhyme or reason to the arrangement among the tables. We figure this is a good alternative to a slide show, and it will get people up and mingling as they go from table to table looking at the photos. Here is a mock of the manzanita tree and also my inspiration for my low centerpiece from Martha Stewart.

Falling for fall photo 1Falling for fall photo 2

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We got engaged in November and I (gasp!) have still not posted any pictures of the bling!!! My fiance did an excellent job picking out my engagement ring all by himself. I gave him a few (not so) subtle hints about my preferences, but I still let him think it was all his doing. =) Here is my engagement ring and my new wedding band I just picked up a couple of days ago. I can't wait to wear them together. My engagement ring is now lonely without its partner...

Bling a ling photo 1Bling a ling photo 2Bling a ling photo 3

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After hours, and hours, and HOURS of cutting and trimming and cropping and assembling...the invites are stuffed, sealed and at the post office! Thank you to the amazing LovelyandGracious from Etsy for designing my invitation suite. All of my paper products were purchased from www.cardsandpockets.com. They rock, I tell you. So Inviting photo 1So Inviting photo 2So Inviting photo 3

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We are going to be having an outdoor ceremony, and the spot is beautiful and very calming.

Ceremony Decor photo 1

That's my FI standing on the little hill where the ceremony arch will be set, right next to the tree. The guests will be looking towards him. I'm making fabric pomanders to hang from the chairs lining the aisle, and I also would like to hang a few from the tree.

I had originally planned on making tissue paper pomanders, but they were frustrating me. The flowers kept popping out of the styrofoam and I had difficulties not tearing the tissue. So...I gave up before going crazy. I switched to fabric and here is my first trial run-

Ceremony Decor photo 2Ceremony Decor photo 3

Our colors are plum and orange/copper. This pomander has 3 different changes of orange fabric and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I also will be making plum pomanders as well.

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I'm sure every bride says this, but I truly do have the best bridesmaids in the world! My sister, Jerusha, is my matron of honor, and I could not ask for a better big sister. I looked up to her my whole life, and now I am fortunate enough to have her as my best friend. My fiance's sister Amanda is also a bridesmaid and I can't wait to have her as my sister-in-law! Next is my good friend Jade, who I have known since diapers. There is no way my wedding party would be complete without her. Next is Jessica, an awesome girl who I have grown very cose to in the last year. She is such a sweetheart and such a good friend. Last but certainly not least is Cat, who is one of the toughest girls I know. She is such an independent and ambitious girl, and also such a loyal friend. I'm lucky enough that all of my bridesmaids loved the same dress, so they will be wearing a floor-length strapless dress in Plum by David's Bridal.

The Girls photo 1

This photo does not show the beading detail on the bust of the dress, it really is very pretty. And all my girls thought this dress was very flattering (which is great since my girls have a range of different body types and heights).

I have every intention of being completely comfortable on my wedding day, which is why I am wearing flip flops. No, I am not getting married on the beach, or even in the summer. My wedding is in the fall, but it's in Arizona (which is pretty much summer all the time anyway), and if you know me, you know that I have a serious obsession with flip flops. Being an AZ girl my whole life, I can go months on end without putting real shoes and socks on my feet. If I plan on having my tooties comfy on the day, then why would I subject my beautiful bridesmaids to anything different? They all will get their choice of how to dress their feet, but most have said they plan on following in my thong-toed footsteps. Hooray for a blister-free wedding day!


Two of my gorgeous nieces will be the flower girls in our wedding. Jaidyn will be 5 for the day, and Caidance will be 4. They are both SO excited about wearing a pretty dress and getting to drop rose petals on the ground (any excuse to make a mess!). This is the dress we are thinking of getting, since it matches mine slightly with the organza pick-ups. The only difference is that we would get a plum sash to match the bridesmaid dresses. So cute!

The Girls photo 2

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A good friend of mine from work offered to do our engagement pictures for us. He was a photography major in college, and now does it on the side for fun. He did such a great job and we are so happy!

All photos courtesy of Tim Orendorff Photography

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